First of all, hikes are always optional. You’re welcome to stay at the beach or on the boats under an umbrella while the rest of the group goes exploring. We do our best to offer a variety of hikes on each trip, but it’s important to recognize that the hikes we do will always depend on the time we have available and weather. For example, on a very hot trip in the middle of July, we will likely not offer long, strenuous hikes during the day. Generally speaking, the majority of hikes that we offer are short, usually less than two miles, and often less than one mile. Certain trips and canyons do provide opportunities for longer hikes, and if a group is interested, we can try to make them happen. If you want maximum hiking opportunities, consider signing up for a trip in the spring, when the weather is cool and the water is high, or in the fall, when weather is cooler. Also consider signing up for our annual special fall extended hiking trip.