At Holiday River Expeditions, our guides and staff never need too many elaborate excuses to justify getting out on the water. We place our hands on the oars and go with the flow. However, that doesn’t mean it’s all just for the love of having fun. Our partners at Newco recently dove into the science behind a hunch we at Holiday have had for quite some time. River Trips are not only good for you, your family or the planet; they’re also good for your business.

Going with the flow


Does sitting for hours staring at screens while monitoring the endless flow of interruptions lead to improved engagement? Does it lead to more innovation and creative thought? Or, could unplugging be a better way to boost team performance, leadership and well being? How about going to a gorgeous, off-the grid location where guides do the work? Science suggests that river retreats trounce training time in conference rooms when looking for ways to optimize performance. Here are five scientific reasons why…

Feel Better, Naturally:

Help for those who are constantly tired, stressed, distracted, or overwhelmed is as close as the nearest green space. River trips take us to natural environments, precisely the places science has shown to decrease stress levels, improve self-perception, and relieve tension.

Discover More Hours in the Day:

Researchers from Stanford and the University of Minnesota found that people who experience states of awe (common in wild places, less so in office buildings) feel like there is more time available. They were also less impatient and experienced a greater boost in their satisfaction with life.

A Change of Scenery:

Increasing evidence shows that time completely away from work supports creative thinking, improves access to new ideas, and promotes mental clarity. By changing the scenery, we discover new approaches to our usual challenges.

Action Requires Activity:

Activity leads to improved fitness, better sleep, and increased immune function. A study from the Yale Stress Center recently demonstrated that exercise (rarely found in meetings, often found on river trips) boosts mood-elevating hormones. It even improves stress-damaged thinking.

Discover More by Doing Less:

Brain imaging research reveals that being relaxed is restorative and leads to a clearer memory and better intellectual understanding. So yes, we might solve our biggest problems by going outside, relaxing, and letting answers come to us.

For those interested in taking a new approach to improve individual and team performance, now is the time to book a spring or summer river retreat. Western States’ snowpack is looking good and river levels should be perfect for fun floats. If you need more reasons why going on a river trip will be great for your business, please get in touch.


We know we usually don’t have to sell folks on why the hum of a rapid or the hush of the wild is good for you. It’s implicit in our basic craving for adventure and the outdoors.  Even still, it’s nice to know we can validate vacations and work retreats in incredible places. To get your company booked on a world-class retreat visit and join us this summer.