Running through the heart of the Four Corners region, the San Juan River is a sacred place. Its water and lush riparian ecosystem have been an important resource for and home to several different cultural groups throughout its long history. Each of these groups has left its signature on the river and canyons in the form of dwelling structures, images carved and painted on rocks, and other artifacts. Today it is home to the Diné (Navajo people). At Holiday, we feel lucky to be able to float through this incredible landscape, and from what we can tell, you do, too! Here’s a selection of the reviews you’ve sent us over the years.


San Juan Upper Apartment Ruins

A First Time Experience

This was my very first river rafting trip. My first time camping in over 40 years. But I did it all. A member in our group told me I should win the award for “most out of her element with the most enthusiasm”! The hikes, the kayaking, and the rafting, IT WAS ALL AMAZING. Our guides TJ and Sherpa were awesome and even better cooks. We were very well taken care of. I will 100% do this again… Thank you for a trip of a lifetime and for helping me with my bucket list. 🙂

By Cameron & Wendy Marsden


A One in a Million Trip

All was done with a lot of heart. No complaints. The guides were so informative and knowledgeable of the area. We have made this trip 5 times now. Each time was a different experience (weather, water, guides, and knowledge). This one, maybe because it is fresh, was the best. Our guides did such a good job and seemed to know just how to make the trip exciting and relaxing at the same time. I would recommend this trip to anyone. It’s a one in a million trip. Thank you to all, for the great memories.

By Gary & Vania



Absolutely Life Changing

Everything was beyond wonderful… Best trip ever! Life-changing!! The best thing about the trip was the people. From the amazingly strong, knowledgeable, good-humored guides. To the support staff, to the other guests on the trip, some of whom changed us in unexpected ways. We reacquainted ourselves with our most basic, overlooked, and under-appreciated values. All in all, we had four perfect, long lazy river days. There is no experience quite like it.

By Richard & Annie Holben

Guides Westwater



Stellar Hikes and Activities

This was my first river trip and it was amazing. Our guides, Lauren and Sarah, were wonderful, the hikes and activities were amazing, and the food was terrific, everything was perfect! This was such a wonderful experience for me! It was so great that I would do it again in a heartbeat!

By Melissa Trevino