Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Job Description

Full Time with Benefits
Monday-Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Starting Hourly payscale: $17 – $20*
*(depending on experience & with room to grow based on job performance.)


Job Responsibilities:

  • Customer Service Lead:
    • Being first to answer phones when in office.
    • Help out new trip inquiries.
    • Assist guests with trip selection.
    • Answer questions for existing reservations
    • Efficiently filter out sales calls & wrong numbers.
  • Marketing Support:
    • Trip photography & content creation coordination: Working with existing and new photographers, videographers to generate new content on our trips. 
    • Liaise with influencers and affiliates to promote our trips.
    • Advertisement consultation for head-of marketing.
    • Social Media Management: Manage content across all HRE platforms including Instagram (primary), Facebook, Pinterest, Google Business, & Youtube.
    • Blog production: edit and format our blog & liaise with blog writers.


Desired Skill Sets:

  • Proficient in Google Drive suite
  • Proficient in various Social Media platforms
  • Comfort with learning new database systems
  • Understanding of how river trips & bike trips operate.
  • Comfort being on the phone and helping prospective guests book trips.
  • An eye towards strategic marketing


Desired Characteristics:

  • Consistency: someone who does what they say they will and gets to work on time.
  • Accountability: someone who communicates clearly & ahead of time if/when they need support. Someone who can own their mistakes.
  • Team player: someone who wants to work for a small business, in-person with multiple coworkers in a shared work-space. We often need to get ad-hoc feedback from one another & support each other in our roles. Like our river/bike guides, we work best as a team with an emphasis on trust, respect & clear communication.
  • Self direction: while there will be a need for significant onboarding for anyone, once you understand your role & domain within the business, a sense of self-directed motivation is essential for the size of operating staff we maintain. Someone with a strong work ethic.
  • Go With the Flow attitude: We often face emerging challenges whether that is transitioning into a new reservation system or trip related logistical considerations, and quick adaptation is common. Supporting co-workers brainstorming & trouble-shooting is common.
  • Interest in self/ collective growth: Holiday is a place where innovation & adaptation is common. Our founder Dee was always tweaking systems to make them more elegant, efficient with an eye towards customer service. A desire to embody that ethic and use your role as a place to grow in your own right and with your team is expected.



  • Flexible time-off: Taking time off is typically easy compared to other workplaces. This is especially true in the “off season” (Mid October- Mid April).
  • Commission-based sales: as first on the phone with full time office hours, you will quickly build a list of customers who you receive a percentage commission on.
  • Vacation pay
  • Sick pay
  • Medical Stipend
  • Going on free river & bike vacations!
Please send a cover letter & resume to