Green River Lodore Canyon Slideshow 2

If I Had Drifted Along

the towering canyon walls
that echoed sounds for miles…
and had I flown through the spray
from swift rapids that carved
an array of rock forms
tangled with the earths plates,
that shoot into the clear blue sky…
for the Moose, Deer, Big Horn sheep
and all wildlife to thrive…
The cool waterfalls
that refreshed while hiking..
to hear the stories of pioneers
braving these territories
from our personable guides


who took care in leading,
hiking…laughing….singing and
preparing great meals
for this wonderful group
of friends new and old….


If only I had, many years ago
leaving would NOT have been the plan….
So I know sometime in the future
I will be returning when I can!

Green River Lodore Canyon Slideshow 4

Castro Valley Ski Club ~ 4-day Lodore Canyon