Holiday River Expeditions didn’t get into the business of running rivers to win river rafting awards. Our founders, Dee and Sue Holladay started their company because they had discovered this incredible thing called the river, and they wanted to share it. Everything else followed from their love and respect for the rivers, the environment, and each other. Together, they built a culture of doing things the right way, every time. They built the kind of culture that can’t help but win awards. Without fanfare, but with quiet pride, we present some of the river rafting awards that Holiday River Expeditions has received.

Travelers’ Choice Award


Customer Service is the bedrock of Holiday’s operation. From booking with your reservationist, communicating your interests and needs, all the way down the river with your guides and back to the warehouse, Holiday’s staff is here to make your trip memorable! Holiday is a proud Travelers’ Choice recipient since 2015.


River Games on the Green River through Lodore Canyon

Safety Awards


On Oct 30, 2003, Owners Dee and Sue Holladay and Operations Director Tim Gaylord were presented with the Canyonlands National Park Safety Award from Park Ranger Steve Swanke. In making this award Swanke commented, “In the past decade your guides have not been directly involved in a personal injury or any property damage. This is a significant accomplishment considering the conditions your company routinely operates in.”

Safety Award Tess Holbrook

Conservation Stewardship Award


In 1999, Dee Holladay was presented with America Outdoors’ Conservation Stewardship Award. He also received the Utah Rivers Council Headwaters Award. Dee has been a proponent of a new river management plan undertaken by Canyonlands National Park, encouraging the superintendent to take into account various environmental threats to the park’s canyons, riverways and backcountry areas.

Dee Holladay Conservation Stewardship Award

University of Utah Burn Unit 10-Year Service Award


On March 1, 2008, Dee and Sue Holladay, Tim Gaylord, John Wood, and Tammy Jones of Holiday Expeditions were presented with a 10-Year Service Award from the University of Utah Burn Unit for their part in the Burn Camp Programs. “In grateful recognition for helping burn survivors heal and truly becoming one with the river!”

Burn Camp 10 year Award



In 2004, Owners Frogg Stewart and Dee and Sue Holladay were presented with the Idaho Outfitters and Guide Association Decade of Service Award. “In recognition of your valiant effort and commitment on behalf of outfitting and your extraordinary commitment of time, energy, and historical knowledge of the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness.”

Owner Dee Holladay was presented with the Utah Headwaters Award by the Utah Rivers Council, and in addition was recognized with a beautiful photo. “In gratitude for Dee Holladay’s tireless efforts on behalf of Utah’s wild rivers as a member of the board of directors for the Utah Rivers Council.”

Dee Holladay Acknowledgements



Holiday River Expeditions is happy to support and participate in outdoor industry and environmental causes. Holiday’s staff and officers are members of and actively involved in:

  • America Outdoors
  • Utah Guide & Outfitters Association
  • Idaho Outfitters & Guides Association
  • Adventure Gateway
  • Waterkeeper Alliance
  • Living Rivers
  • Green River Action Network
  • Colorado River Connected
  • Wasatch & Canyon Country Rising Tide
  • Utah Rivers Council
  • Grand Canyon Trust
  • Uplift Climate Conference
  • Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance
  • Sierra Club (& the Utah Chapter)
Associations Ted Kennedy



Dee’s legacy of advocacy includes:

  • Member Flaming Gorge Dam Operations Citizen Work-group.
  • Member State Parks Boating Advisory Council.
  • Past President, Utah State Chairman, and Vice President, Western River Guides Association.
  • Past President and Vice President, Utah Guides & Outfitters Association.
  • Member Utah State Project 2000.
  • Member Idaho Outfitters & Guides Association Safety Committee.
  • Member of the Advisory Committee to the Board of Directors of the John Wesley Powell Museum.
  • President Worldwide Guides & Outfitters.
  • Member National River Cleanup Week Board of Directors.
  • Member Utah Rivers Council Board of Directors.
  • Member Utah Bureau of Land Management Resource Advisory Council.

Lauren Wood, Dee’s grandchild is also currently involved in:

  • Executive Committee Member of the Utah Chapter of the Sierra Club
  • Director of the Green River Action Network
  • Green Riverkeeper Affiliate with Waterkeeper Alliance
  • Member of Wasatch & Canyon Country Rising Tide
  • Member of the Tavaputs Action Council
  • Member of Stop Uinta Basin Railway Coalition
  • Policy Advocate for Utah Guides & Outfitters
  • Plaintiff on litigation with HEAL Utah and the Sierra Club
  • Past founder and board member of Peaceful Uprising
Awards Dee and Sue Holladay - river rafting awards