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Cataract Canyon5 Check DatesGreen River, Utah 8:00am8/16148513451345400
Cataract Canyon6 Check DatesGreen River, Utah 8:00am8/16160014501450400
Desolation Canyon5 Check DatesGreen River, Utah 6:00am5155814631463400
Desolation Canyon6 Check DatesGreen River, Utah 6:00am5167315771577400
San Juan River Upper3 Check DatesBluff, Utah 7:00am51030980980400
San Juan River Lower4 Check DatesBlanding, Utah 7:00am5116011001100400
San Juan River5 Check DatesBlanding, Utah 7:00am5128512201220400
Ruby/Westwater Canyon3 Check DatesGreen River, Utah 8:00am8830765765400
Westwater Canyon2 Check DatesGreen River, Utah 8:00am8640590590400
Grand Canyon Upper5/6 Check DatesRefer to Confirmation16CallN/AN/A700
Grand Canyon Lower8/9 Check DatesRefer to Confirmation16CallN/AN/A700


Lodore Canyon4 Check DatesVernal, Utah 7:00am8127011701170400
Yampa River4 Check DatesVernal, Utah 8:00am8127011701170400
Yampa River5 Check DatesVernal, Utah 8:00am8140512901290400


Main Salmon River6 Check DatesSalmon, Idaho 8:00pm (night prior)6/12241924191919500
Middle Fork River6 Check DatesStanley, Idaho 7:00pm (night before)6/12285928592659500

Mt. Bike / Raft

White Rim Cataract7 Check DatesGreen River, Utah 7:00am12203518351835400
Moab Westwater4 Check DatesGreen River, Utah 7:00am12126011601160400

Mt Bike Trips

White Rim Trail3 Check DatesGreen River, Utah 7:00am121020940940400
White Rim Trail4 Check DatesGreen River, Utah 7:00am12116010651065400
Women's White Rim Trail - Clinic3 Check DatesGreen River, Utah 7:00am2111251125N/A400
Women's White Rim Trail - Extended Clinic4.5 Check DatesGreen River, Utah 2:00pm2113501350N/A400
Maze4 Check DatesGreen River, Utah 7:00am14132513251325400
Maze5 Check DatesGreen River, Utah 7:00am14146514651465400
San Rafael Swell4 Check Dates
(Scheduled on request)
Green River, Utah 7:00am12114010351035400

Stargazing Trips

Desolation Canyon Stargazing6 Check DatesGreen River, Utah 6:00am5167316731673400
Yampa Stargazing Trip5 Check DatesVernal, Utah 7:00am8140514051405400
Lodore Stargazing Trip4 Check DatesVernal, Utah 7:00am8127012701270400
Cataract Stargazing Trip6 Check DatesGreen River, Utah 8:00am8160016001600400
White Rim Stargazing Trip4 Check DatesGreen River, Utah 7:00am12116011601160400

Specialty Trips

Lodore Retro River4 Check DatesVernal, Utah 7:00am8127012701270400
Kayak Workshop6 Check DatesGreen River, Utah 6:00am16183518351835400
Intro to Overnight Rafting3 Check DatesGreen River, Utah 8:00am5675625625400
Fall Canyonlands Extended Rafting and Hiking Trip12 Check DatesGreen River, Utah 8:00am12295527552755400
Labyrinth Canyon Hiker Special5 Check DatesGreen River, Utah 8:00am12125511801180400
Cataract Canyon8 Check DatesGreen River, Utah 7:00am12208020002000400

Balance & Flow

Women's Yoga Retreat4 Check DatesVernal, Utah 7:00am14138013801380400

Music Trips

Yampa w/ Del Sol Quartet5 Check DatesVernal, Utah 7:00am8156515651565400
TripsDaysDeparture Dates
(Click for Availability)
Meeting PlaceAge
Group/ Senior
  1. Holiday is an authorized concessioner of Canyonlands National Park and Dinosaur National Monument.  We are an equal opportunity employer and licensed outfitter operating under permits authorized by the N.P.S. and B.L.M.. All Idaho trips are operated by an affiliated licensed outfitter operating under permits authorized by N.F.S. and B.L.M.. Grand Canyon trips are run by outside affiliates who are authorized Grand Canyon concessionaires.
  2. Each trip is rated: Easiest, Intermediate, or Advanced. On easiest trips, we require that all children be at least five years old. On intermediate trips, we require that all children be at least eight years old. On advanced trips, we require that all members be at least sixteen years of age and senior citizens be extremely fit. Trips with two minimum ages or ratings listed depict both low water and high water conditions.
  3. Group/Senior rates apply to groups of ten or more (eight or more for bike trips) and seniors 65 years and older. Youth rates apply to children under eighteen, or under sixteen for Idaho trips. Rates do not include state sales tax on bike trips and government special area or entrance fees. Rates subject to N.P.S. approval. Grand Canyon rates are estimates only.
  4. Cataract Canyon trip rates include an optional $84 transportation charge for a van shuttle from the take-out at Hite, Utah back to Green River, Utah. This charge will be deducted from the cost of your trip if you choose to make other arrangements for travel out of Hite. We can shuttle your vehicle to Hite for a fee of $182.