By Kenzie Comstock

Rafting on the Colorado River

Holiday River Expeditions specialize in multi-day Colorado River rafting trips.  Since 1966 Holiday River Expeditions has provided unforgettable trips down the river to so many people.  Their guides will take care of all of your worries, the food is amazing, and the equipment and rafts are the best you can buy.   These stunning river canyons take you to places you can only get to by raft.  Side canyon exploration, learning about river lore, and how the geologic formations take shape, are a part of every Holiday trip.    They offer many different trips with varying lengths, rivers, sights, and difficulties.

Holiday River Expeditions offer these trips down the Colorado River system:

  • Grand Canyon

–          5,6 day trip in the upper section of the canyon, 8,9 days in the lower section

–          Experience one of the Seven Wonders of the World through a rare and special experience

–          150 Rapids with some of the wildest sections of the Colorado River


Lodore Canyon

Lodore Canyon


    • Lodore Canyon

–          Four-day trip and is a great trip for someone without very much rafting experience

–          Great for kids eight years and older

–          Optional hikes throughout the trip are available

–          Fishing is plentiful with trout found especially during the first two days of the trip


Westwater Canyon

Fun Family Rafting


  • Westwater Canyon

–          One, two, and three-day options.  Great for quick, short trips.

–          Intermediate level so most people will find this exhilarating but not too intense

–          Westwater Canyon is often referred to as a miniature Grand Canyon


Warm Springs Rapid

Warm Springs Rapid


  • Yampa River

–          Four and five-day options and will be a great trip for kids eight years and older

–          White “tiger striped” 2,000 feet sheer walls that come straight down to the water.

–          Side canyon hiking and exploring including seeing some Ancestral Puebloan rock art.


Hiking in Cataract

Hiking in Cataract


  • Cataract Canyon

–          Disconnect and spend five or six days on the Colorado River on a Cataract Canyon rafting trip.

–          Three days, two-night option is available if you don’t have a lot of time available in your calendar.

–          Raft through the center of Utah’s Canyonlands National Park.

–          Explore ancient Anasazi ruins that are inaccessible except by raft.


Hiking in Lodore Canyon

Hiking in Lodore Canyon


There are few trips that will bring your family closer together than white water rafting together.  You’ll have a great time on the river, feel safe and secure with our guides, and get that shot of adrenaline that comes with the thrills of rafting through some of the biggest rapids in North America.  Your kids will enjoy the adventure and they will learn and grow from the experience of doing something challenging as a family.