Westwater is known for unique features like black pre-Cambrian rock, the oldest exposed rock in Utah, and world-class whitewater. We took a trip down Westwater Canyon back in July and we’re now at the end of our 2022 season living vicariously through these fantastic photos from Sam Starr, a professional photographer based out of Colorado. Follow along on our Westwater journey!

Day 1

We got an early start at our headquarters in Green River, Utah. The boats got loaded up on trailers and we hit the road en route to Loma, Colorado for the boat ramp. After a 90-minute drive, the guides got the boats off the trailer and rigged to head out!

Guests in duckies

Once on the water, we enjoyed swimming and paddling inflatable kayaks in the beautiful weather

rafting in the calm water

and floating through the calm water while settling into life on the river for the weekend.

Guests hanging out in the water

Our first stop for lunch provided the perfect spot to wade in the water and cool off while waiting for the food to be prepared.

Guest making a lunch pita pocket

The guides made cous cous salad with veggies and hummus in pita pockets, a crowd favorite!

beached boats tied up in the sand

After a few more miles of calm water, we got to one of the black rock camps in Ruby Canyon. Guests found their ideal tent spot, while guides got the boats unloaded for the night and set up the kitchen.

photo of camp at black rocks 7 in the rain

It started to rain while our guides prepared the first night’s dinner…

Sandy and other guides cooking dinner in the rain

So they got creative with umbrellas so the food didn’t get soggy! Talk about innovation!

Fajita night

Delicious Fajitas for dinner on night one, with a side of rice and beans. If you’ve never been on a trip with Holiday, let me be the first to tell you that the catered meals are HIGH quality!

Rainbow against red rocks

The rain let up and the sky showed off a beautiful rainbow above the red rocks

birds eye of camp at black rocks

We don’t bring a professional photographer on every trip, so it’s special when we are able to get photos like these! This photo was taken from the black rocks above camp.

Day 2

sandy rowing

On the morning of day 2, we packed up camp and floated downstream toward the Westwater Ranger station where we claimed our second night’s camp!

big horn sheep

Wildlife sightings are always a plus!

hanging out on the beach playing games

We knew our campsite for the second night was going to be rocky, so we pulled over at the day-use beach to lounge around and play games in the sand

throwing frisbee

Frisbee was one activity of choice, finding shade was another!

guests around the circle hanging out

Guests gathered around in a chair circle with their drinks and got to know one another a little better. We love meeting new friends!

steak night with salad and potatoes

Our final dinner was so good, you would have thought it was catered by a 5-star restaurant

Day 3

guest sleeping in the sand

What is better than sleeping under the stars, and waking up naturally from the light of day instead of an alarm?

guests drinking coffee and cheers-ing

and having coffee with friends while the guides cook up our last meal of the trip.

breakfast- eggs to order

Once again, the food was just top-notch. Eggs made to order, toasted cinnamon raisin bread, bacon, AND fresh fruit.

dave snee with guests rowing

It’s always a bummer when we come to our last day of a trip, but at the same time, it’s exciting while on Westwater particularly because that means it’s RAPID DAY!

going into the rapid

Sandy on the oars!

tim on the oars

The GOAT, Tim Gaylord, on the oars!

jaqueline on the oars

Jaqueline on the oars, and the designated “woo girl” boat captain!

riding the bull

…is there anyone on the oars? (don’t worry, there is!)

snee getting splashed by water while rowing

Dave Snee on the oars, and the official “photo boat” captain!

tim rowing the rapids

The water level was perfect to catch a lot of good waves


There was no shortage of face shots on this trip.