Recently, a leading world wide travel agent, made the decision to abandon their Carbon offset program sighting the importance of making real changes rather than purchasing offsets. Years ago Holiday River Expeditions opted not to follow the popular “offset” trend, but rather to champion the individual and the company’s creativity and willingness to change. True change can only happen through the act of reducing and reusing in your day to day practices.

Our rafting and biking trip guests get to see and experience the examples of our efforts to make real change when they meet us at our headquarters in Green River and Vernal, UT.  A few summers ago we installed a new rain gutter system to increase efforts to capture rain water for grey water use. We already had one grey water system in place but saw this as yet one more opportunity to conserve and cut back on traditional, local water consumption. Overall water use was cut by 8% in a year that we actually did more business. Water wise native landscaping, making our own ice efficiently, more infrequent van washing and new front load water saving washing machines are also included in our everyday efforts.  Two years ago one of our past river guides, Josh Ray, who is now a licensed electrician came out and helped us switch out all lighting fixtures at both the Green River and Vernal Headquarters with energy efficient lighting.    The installation of solar panels, an ongoing rigorous recycling program of waste coming off our trips and buying local whenever possible are a few more of the everyday efforts.  The challenge is on going but we feel we’re up to it and making real changes one step at a time.


Solar panel installation at our Green River, UT Headquarters.