“Escape the Mundane: Embark on an Unforgettable Group Wilderness Adventure

by Julie K. Trevelyan

Out of the Office & Into the Wild


Step Out of the Office & Dive into Nature. While work is a crucial aspect of our lives, finding fulfillment in our professional endeavors can significantly enhance our overall well-being. Whether you’re managing a company or steering a family, fostering a cohesive team is essential. If you’re committed to creating a harmonious and dynamic group, consider treating key members to a Holiday River Expeditions charter trip. Taking your team out of the usual office setting and immersing them in the breathtaking outdoors can be a transformative experience, not only for your company’s dynamics but also for individual growth.




The advantages of a charter outdoor adventure for your specific group are immeasurable.

Out of the Office & Into the Wild

Here are the top five:

  1. Cultivating a relaxed atmosphere that promotes collaborative sharing.
  2. Experiencing a novel environment that sparks out-of-the-box thinking.
  3. Fostering a sense of team camaraderie on a more equal playing field.
  4. Providing a unique context that inspires, energizes, and rejuvenates you and your team.
  5. Offering physical, mental, and emotional revitalization through exposure to a stunning natural setting, a stark departure from the usual business locale.


Booking a charter river rafting trip or mountain biking excursion ensures that your team enjoys a cohesive experience without the distractions of unrelated group members. Holiday takes care of all logistics, allowing you the freedom to organize group bonding activities, and focused company mission discussions, all within the most unbridled meeting space you’ll ever reserve—the pristine white sandy beaches of the West’s magnificent rivers or the awe-inspiring canyon overlooks of the most spectacular mountain biking trails. Reserve your charter trip with Holiday River Expeditions today and commence planning an unforgettable company or family retreat.”


Julie TrevelyanWritten by Julie Trevelyan.

Julie is a freelance writer and wilderness guide in southern Utah. She especially enjoys books, coffee, yoga, wild country, horses, and dark chocolate.

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