Down the river, we go…

Experience the arid landscape of the Utah Mountains, where imagination flies high and you can almost see 19th-century explorers riding on horses along the cracks in the canyons

When here, you will feel yourself through the landscape of the great American adventure, living in the great outdoors in an eco-friendly, relaxing trip!

Leave the daily grind behind...
an all-time Utah river rafting experience!

Come be an explorer for at least 3 days while gliding the river with us, learning about the history, geology, and even about yourself, in the astonishing canyons the water helped to sculpt. Get away from your busy daily schedule, smell the pure fresh air, and be one with nature around you. Our non-motorized boats were made for an eco-friendly adventure that respects the environment. All combined, this trip will induce in its intrepid adventurers a state of calm and relaxation, that will take your mind very far away from its everyday routine...

Why Raft With Us?


55 year old company, we have been running the rivers safely a long time.


Our guides know a lot about the geography and nature of the rivers.

Flexible Schedules

I’m sure we can have a date that works perfect for you.


For what you pay you will be treated like you are in a Hilton, not on a river.


You could eat our meals in a top-notch restaurant and not know the difference.

Four different paths to take

The Green, Yampa, and San Juan rivers run long and fast across Utah before flowing into the Colorado River; these four rivers and their canyons represent the best whitewater rafting opportunities Utah has to offer. Slide across one of these rivers with us, on several different trips we have planned for you, with dates, and options that fit into everyone’s schedules. If you don’t find an available option for you on our website, get in touch directly and we will figure out another alternative for you.

The wonders of a nature adventure

Utah might bring about a picture of a formidable desert, but the Great Salt Lake Desert isn’t the only wonder of nature you can catch in this state. Travel with us down four different watery paths on our nature-friendly oar boats and you will see incredible sandstone canyons carved out through millennia under the bright orange setting sun and more: with five national parks and many monuments to protect them, Utah is one of the best states in the country for multi-day rafting trips through the wilderness.

For an unexpected surprise, go down Colorado River, the gentle giant that will have you fooled: when you reach Canyonlands National Park, the Green River will join the stream you’re on - and you better hold on tight because, in spring and early summer, these are some of the biggest rapids in North America. To accompany your speedy ride, Mile Long, Satan’s Gut, and the Big Drops will watch over you.

If you prefer short sweet trips, you will be well served with Westwater Canyon, still on the Colorado, with a few fun Class III rapids that will end too soon and have you wish you could start all over again.

For the best scenery, you’ll want to choose the trip down Green River, which cuts through the Uinta Mountains to form the imposing Gates of Lodore on the northern tip of Dinosaur National Monument.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for the best adventure, then you’ll surely not want to miss the trip down the Yampa River, one of the most beloved river trips in the country. The canyon that surrounds the Yampa is full of incredible desert scenery, archaeological masterpieces, and spacious campsites. Because it is the only free-flowing river in the entire Colorado River Basin, flows fluctuate naturally and trips have a rare sense of wildness to them.

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What does a day look like?

Board one of our silent non-motorized rafts at and enjoy the tantalizing glide through the exciting whitewater rapids, that will make your heart beat faster and the adrenaline start rushing in, while you pair with our experienced guides to navigate the river until the next stop! The excitement of the voyage will open up your appetite and when we take a break, you will be glad to stop for the meals we have prepared for you. Sit down and enjoy the view and the healthy glow the sporty adventure has lent you, while you taste a cheesy mouthwatering lasagna and a chocolate peanut butter cake baked for you in the middle of nowhere… finish with a tasty coffee, and back on the rafts we go!

And the night?

When the sun starts settling in, we’ll coast down for the night and set up camp. Choosing your own campsite is an unexpectedly fun part of river rafting. The guides direct you toward the campsite area. Which one to choose? Up high or down low? Close to the river on a raft trip? Near the canyon rim on a bike trip? Away from all snorers? Close to the kitchen so you don’t miss the call of “Hot coffee!” ringing out in the morning? There’s a reason these campsites are used—they’re beautiful, serene, and kept very clean by high standards practiced by everyone traveling on the rivers or the backcountry bike trails. The only left for you to do now is to close your eyes and drift off to sleep, while you contemplate the relaxing greatness of a starry night...

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Your guides and the company

Holiday River Expedition is a company with 54+ years of experience and the same ownership throughout generations:

Lauren is a 3rd generation owner, Tim has almost 40 years heading operations and John has been here for almost 29 years. However, we have always believed in building strong, solid relationships with all our clients and for that, nothing better than having management in direct contact with clients through and through: answering phones and questions every time you need us to. Our guides are trained in [Interp?] and have deep-rooted knowledge about the region, knowledge they’ll share with you on the trip. And if you had a friend, neighbor, or family member who did a trip with us, be sure to mention it to the crew, as we always like to hear news from the people who have traveled together!

Book today your lifetime adventure in the river or get in touch to know more details.