Follow our 7 part series on the Joys of Flat Water: Finding the fun when the river slows.

By Peta Owens-Liston

Who says flat water can’t be fun? On a family river trip down the Colorado River, we faced three days of flat water prior to hitting some of the most revered white water rapids in the country. Initially, my boys were disappointed: “I thought we’d have rapids every day.” “This is going to be boring.” That was the last I heard of those words. It was as if for the next three days we had discovered a whole new type of fluid playground. The following blogs cover seven things to look forward to if the flow slows:



Water Fights!

Who says you only get splashed during white water rapids? Not when you remember to bring your water pistols to ensure you can hold your own in the inevitable water fights that erupt, along with a lot of laughter, as one raft duels with another. Every raft has a bucket as well that when the proximity allows, can allow you to douse someone in no time at all. Despite the 90 degree heat, water fights were one of the flat water pastimes that kept us cool. After a truce—once everyone is thoroughly soaked and exhilarated—you’re ready once again to kick back and take in the scenery and sun. But keep your squirt gun handy.