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When you are a recognized leader in orchestrating life-changing rafting adventures in the West, good things are bound to come your way. So is the case for Holiday River Expeditions who has been chosen by the innovative business leadership training firm NewCo to operate a series of river trips / executive boot camps on the Colorado River this year.

Such strategic partnerships are nothing new to Holiday River Expeditions who, over their nearly five decades of existence, have operated niche trips for everyone from boy scouts and church groups to universities, corporations and nonprofits.

“Our extensive experience outfitting trips matches up well with helping an organization such as NewCo bring a program into the backcountry with ease,” explains Karen Johnson, Holiday River Expeditions spokesperson. “Our seasoned guides have the ability to support and mold to the needs of the group. They can fade into the background or rise to the occasion when required. Holiday also has great flexibility with a variety of rivers, length of trips, large number of permits and customizable options so that we can adjust as needed to accommodate NewCo’s needs.”

NewCo works with business leaders, owners and entrepreneurs who recognize that the way they do business isn’t working as well as it used to. These are people who believe there is more to a successful business than profit, are motivated to learn new ways for dealing with the chaos of today’s workplaces and want to develop the habits needed to implement their visions and make sustainable changes in their organizations.

NewCo’s “Leadership for the Long Term” program is a six month long, experientially based course for business leaders looking to shift the paradigm. “The curriculum is highlighted by a five day “detox” trip, which is where Holiday River Expeditions comes in. For those who can’t imagine life beyond today’s endless list of distractions, this top shelf, fully guided adventure promises to deliver the impact of knowing what’s possible when our usual screen time is filled with movement, mind clearing, focused activities and thoughtful conversations with a like-minded community – all in amazing places,” states NewCo founder Bettina Slusar.

NewCo picked Holiday River Expeditions to operate the rive trip portion of their program based on a prior experience Slusar had with them. “Bettina and her family had done many trips with Holiday through The Sierra Club Outings program we help outfit. When she started NewCo she already knew we provided a quality experience on the river and felt it would be the perfect fit for her plans at NewCo,” added Johnson.

NewCo’s trips with Holiday this season will be in May, June and October. Groups meet in Grand Junction, Colorado and depart shortly after to float the Colorado River from Loma to Cisco through Ruby, Horse Thief and Westwater Canyons. NewCo leaders will facilitate each day, using this four day/three night trip to get participants out of their habitual environment and into the quiet zone of pristine wilderness where innovative and transformational thinking can occur.

Often referred to as a “mini” Grand Canyon, Westwater combines the excitement of whitewater with the serenity of calm water sections that feature towering walls and winding side canyons. Rapids such as Funnel Falls, Skull, Sock-It-To-Me and Last Chance await. As do Great Blue Heron, bald eagles and river otter. Starting in Colorado and ending in Utah, Westwater is the perfect river trip for beginners and seasoned river runners alike. Holiday River Expeditions offers one, two and three day trips from May through September. See:

What better time than National Park Week April 18-26 to announce a joint collaboration between two noted conservation advocates on a co-hosted raft trip through Canyonlands National Park.

Holiday River Expeditions, whose river running ethics include an adherence to a strict no-motors-allowed policy, and National Parks Traveler, whose mission is to build a stronger advocacy for protection and sound stewardship of the parks, invite up to 22 fellow enthusiasts on a six-day Cataract Canyon river trip in Utah, Sep. 28-Oct. 3, 2015.

This trip during southern Utah’s typically warm and cloudless early fall climate will be guided by professional river runners from Holiday River Expeditions They’ll provide the gear and expertise to handle the rapids along with natural history interpretation and three sumptuous meals a day.

Once ashore, National Parks Traveler Editor-in-Chief Kurt Repanshek will be along to keep the parks conversation flowing. He and others will lead campfire discussions about the National Park System, how it has changed over the decades and what threats and challenges may be faced in the future. During the day award-winning photographer Patrick Cone will offer expert instruction and tips for capturing the striking scenery. All participants are wise to bring a camera and curiosity.

Kurt Repanshek, founder and editor-in-chief of National Parks Traveler, the top-ranked website dedicated to daily editorial coverage of national parks, was recently awarded the George Wright Society’s Communication Award for 2014. This award recognizes outstanding efforts in communicating highly technical or controversial park-related subjects to the public in a clear and understandable manner. Repanshek received the award April 2 at the organization’s biennial conference in Oakland, CA.

This co-hosted trip ventures through some of the most remote, rugged and iconic landscape of the Southwest and arguably the Lower 48. It was a favorite of wilderness advocate and conservationist Edward Abbey.

“We load the boats, secure the hatches, lash down all baggage, strap on life jackets, face the river and the sun, the growing roar of the rapids,” Abbey wrote of one of his encounters with Cataract Canyon. “First Brown Betty, then Ben Hur and Capsize Rapids, then the Big Drop and Satan’s Gut. Delightful names, and fitting. We feel the familiar rush of adrenaline as it courses through our blood. We’ve been here before, however, and know that we’ll get through. Most likely. The odds are good.”

To celebrate the trip partnership and announcement, Holiday River Expeditions is offering a chance to win two seats on the trip through a Facebook contest April 17-25. People who post their best national park photo and visitors to the site will be able to vote on their favorite image and story. All submissions will be due Apr. 25, the finalists will be selected on Apr. 27, Facebook fan voting takes place on Apr 28, and the winner will be announced May 4.

To reserve a space on the Sep. 28-Oct. 3 trip, call Holiday River Expeditions at 1-800-624-6323 and request the National Parks Traveler trip. Or, book online at Holiday’s website by picking the Cataract Canyon trip for Sep. 28 departure. Groups meet in Green River, Utah and the six day trip is priced at $1,150 per person.