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Every Kid in a Park Special Ends


NEW! Stand-up Paddle Board Trips


Just for the Big Kids! Adult Only Trips


2015 Trip Surveys - Free Trip Winner


Guide's Corner, Meet Alex Jahp


History Helper, Glen & Bessie Hyde


Every Kid in a Park Family Special

Our National Parks are having their Centenial Celebration. We are celebrating with a family river trip special in Canyonlands National Park and Dinosaur National Monument. Take advantage of savings from to $100 to $200 off per person on the Green River, Lodore Canyon and Yampa Rivers. Colorado River through Cataract Canyon, White Rim Trail and the White Rim Cataract combination trip. Special ends Feb 26th. For details call 800-624-6323

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NEW! Stand-up Paddle Board Trips

This four day trip through Ruby and Westwater Canyons offers a variety of on and off river activity. We'll spend two days in scenic Ruby Canyon were you can swim and play at your leisure on Stand-up Paddleboards and inflatable kayaks. Off river time offers expanded hiking opportunities and even some trail running if you'd like. We'll also have horseshoes, washers or grab a chair and good book. On day three we get into the narrow section of the canyon where you can put your skills to work in some small class II rapids. One the last day we'll put away the boards and kayaks for an exciting passage through the class II and IV rapids of Westwater Canyon. This is a great late summer trip with warm water, quiet days and colorful sunsets. Your guides will prepare delicious riverside meals, share their knowledge of the canyon with you and lead the way through famous rapids of Westwater Canyon.


Just for the "Big Kids", All Adult Trips

At Holiday River Expeditions we LOVE families with kids but we also know that sometimes folks want to be on trips with just the "young at heart". Here are some great options for that crowd! Mix and mingle with like aged rafting companions on the following trips & dates.

  • May 9-12 5-day Colorado River, Cataract Canyon

  • June 3-5 3-day Moab Westwater Bike Raft

  • July 24-28 5-day Main Salmon River in Idaho

  • July 30-02 4-day Green River, Lodore Canyon

  • Sept 14-19 8-day Colorado River Cataract Canyon

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    2015 Trip Surveys - Free Trip Winner

    Congratulations to Nathaniel Emodi!
    Every year we draw a name from all of the trip surveys that came in after the season. This year's winner is Nathaniel Emodi. He wins a trip for 2 on the Colorado River through Westwater Canyon. Be sure to complete your survey after your trip for a chance to win a free trip in 2017!


    Guide's Corner - Alex Jahp

    What is your favorite river camp site? Brown Betty in Cataract Canyon. It is worth mentioning that this answer has far more thought put into it than anyone can imagine. Brown Betty has the perfect combination of the following: hiking, sandy/large beach, sound of rushing water from rapids, shade in the morning/evening, scenic toilet location, and a storied history.

    What rapid do you think is the most fun and why?? There is a new rapid, which came out with the much celebrated draining of Lake Powell, just below Water Hole Canyon. It appeared as high water ended in 2014 and has one towering wave that comes out of nowhere to leave the boat full and give me pause.

    What is your favorite river game? Horseshoes

    What is something you try to do on each trip you run? Explore somewhere new. I love guiding because it gives me the opportunity to deeply know the canyons, rivers, and wilderness of Utah.

    Do you have a pre trip or post trip ritual? I wish I could say I did something impressive like showering before each trip, but I think the only thing that I consistently do is eat an apple. Afterwards I like to have a cold beer and hear the latest scuttlebutt.

    What is your favorite river outfit? A classless pearl snap shirt from a thrift store and some tattered old shorts.

    What do you do in the winter? I travel. I am currently in Mauritius, which is a small island nation off of the coast of Madagascar.

    Who is your favorite river guide or river character? Tim Gaylord. I am lucky to work for a legend.

    How did you become a river guide? I spent my childhood running around in prairies and catching turtles in lakes, but in suburban Chicago guiding is not a career that parents regularly push their kids towards. I graduated college and the economy was in one of its frequent meltdowns, so I decided I had some living and exploring to do. I saved money by fighting wildland fires and then I set off traveling in Mexico. Over a beer someone recommended a guiding outfit in Guatemala that guided trips on volcanoes and on footpaths that connected indigenous villages. I showed up and asked for a job. I met amazing people, stood on the rim of a volcano as it erupted, ate thousands of tortillas, fended off a robbery with a machete, and learned Spanish. I had found my calling and began working with Holiday a year after I returned from Central America.


    History Helper
    Glen & Bessie Hyde

    Launching from the quiet town of Green River , Utah on October 20th 1928, Glen and Bessie Hyde did not know they would soon become legend, shrouded in mystery and intrigue. With modest experience on both the Salmon and Snake Rivers in Idaho the newly wed couple decided to try and make history by attempting to hit a new speed record through the Grand Canyon and to do so for the first time with a white woman. They set off in a strange wooden boat called a scow that Glen had slap-dashed together in under 48 hours in Green River. Tragically, or at least inexplicably , they didn't achieve either of these goals. Their boat was found near the bottom of the Grand Canyon at mile 237, floating in an eddie, unmaned. The honeymooners had vanished with everything from their books, food and clothing left un-disturbed. Some say they had a marital fight and were each others end; some believe they escaped and later died in the desert; one woman even claimed to have been Bessie. Truth is, we may never know what fate befell the two ambitious adventurers, all we do know is they must have had one heck of a ride.

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