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Raft The Dolores!


New Trip Series: Balance & Flow


See The Eclipse on The Main Salmon


Naturalist Corner: Canyon Wren


Calling All Adrenaline Junkies


Guide's Corner, Meet Josh Levine


Join Our Allies on the Water


Raft The Dolores!

This spring at Holiday there is an extra buzz of excitement! After a wet winter, this season's flows are predicted to be consistent and ample which gives us the chance to run a long-forgotten tributary to the Colorado: The Dolores River. This watershed lies in a beloved and majestic canyon. Private boaters who have small enough craft monitor the McPHee Dam reports every spring, hoping that they can hit the sweet-spot a few days or maybe a week of flows to eke out a short run and enjoy a rare return to this river's previous glory. This season with increased snow-pack and enough water behind the dam, it's a safe bet that even oar rafts can navigate this ancestral river. Much to our excited guide and staffs chagrin we will only be running two trips; as they say, get it while the gettin's good!! May 5th-7th & May 12th-14th

New Trip Series: Balance & Flow

Making the connection between the natural world and one's well being isn't new for Holiday River Expeditions. What is new is this collection of incredible ways to explore more deeply. We've gathered experts in their field of Mindfulness, Fitness, Nutrition, Yoga and Energy Medicine to share their passion and knowledge with you while on the river.


May 19-22 4-day Green River through Lodore Canyon with Sarah Potts $955 ea.+ Park Fee

Wild Yoga

June 5-10 6-day Green River through Desolation Canyon with Rebecca Wildbear $1200 ea. + BLM Fee

Energy Medicine

June 29-July 2 4-day San Juan River Trip with Chrissy Bloome $1000 ea. + BLM Fee

Adventure Fitness

July 17-20 4-day Colorado River through Ruby & Westwater Canyons with Kathleen Leopardi $1000 ea. + BLM Fee

Vegan Wellness

Aug 28-31 4-day Colorado River through Ruby & Westwater Canyons with Tess Challis $1000 ea. + BLM Fee


See The Eclipse on The Main Salmon

If you are joining us for the August 17th-22nd Main Salmon River Trip you are in for a special treat. For the first time in years, we will experience a 98% obscuration eclipse of the sun. This near total eclipse should begin at around 10:12 (MST) max-out at around 11:30 and continue through till around 12:50PM. This unique event will be witnessed by millions of people across the western hemisphere, not to mention many non-human species as well! The Umbral Cone or shadow will hit earth somewhere in the mid-pacific and begin its race across the planet, breaking the sound barrier with its speed. This trip runs close enough to that Umbral-shadow so folks will have a front-row seat to a once-in-a-lifetime show! We will of course be providing fashionable eclipse glasses to protect everyone's eyesight from the event.

Naturalist Corner: Canyon Wren

It's likely that you will hear the unforgettable cascading song of the Canyon Wren without ever seeing this small bird with a very big song. Its call is a descending series of wistful notes that echo off the canyon walls from Mexico to the Pacific Northwest, and the bird is a frequent flier on all of Holiday's trips. This small, brown songbird has a white throat, a decurved bill, and a striped fanned tail typical of the species. If you are lucky enough to see it, it will be along cliff bands or hopping around boulder piles searching for spiders and insects.

The Canyon Wren's cup-like nest can be found attached to a rock face or hidden in a crevice beneath an overhang. According to Sibley, the female typically lays 3-10 eggs and will hatch two clutches per season. But this little bird isn't all sweetness. What sounds like a lovely song to us, (perhaps reminding of us of lazy days floating down a river) is a territorial warning to other members of the species, and they aren't above intense physical confrontation! A little known fact about this bird is that the Canyon Wren has evolved to have a more flattened head than other wrens in order to more easily retrieve insects from deep crevices. So keep your ears open for the song of the Canyon Wren-it's one of nature's best treats.


Calling All Adrenaline Junkies!

It doesn't happen every year, but when it does it is an experience of a life time. High water Cataract Canyon where the rivers converge and the stars align for some of the biggest whitewater in the country. Holiday's signature "Triple Rigs" will once again be lined up for the North Seas, Mile Long and The Big Drops. The Colorado River through Cataract Canyon is legendary and has two faces. The first part of the trip is tranquil with hiking opportunities to Indian Creek Falls and the Dolls' House just to name a few. The second part of the trip is all out excitement, the "Holiday Way", without motors.
Join us on May 22-26,29-02, June 5-9,12-16,19-23

Guide's Corner, Meet Josh Levine

What is your favorite river camp site? Starting the interview out with a tough question, Favorite high water has got to be Box Elder on the Yampa and for low water big beach Slab on Cat.

What is your favorite rapid? Another good question, I always get excited (and nervous) to run the Big Drops!

What is your favorite river game? I love a good game of shoes, although anything I'm winning at could be my favorite. Ha!

What is something you try to do on each trip you run? Enjoy where we're at and who we're with! Also smash a wave or two!

Do you have a pre trip or post trip ritual? Pretrip ritual starts by picking up some hi-chews and starbursts. One of the best parts about post trip has got to be a good shower and hitting Ray's for a burger.

What is your favorite river outfit? A great pair of boardshorts and any throwback holiday shirts. (the older the better)

What do you do in the winter? I love to travel and explore usually while riding bikes and boards anything to do with water!

Who is your favorite river guide or river character? Buzz Holmstrom, that guy didn't care what anyone thought he just knew what he wanted and worked hard to make it happen.

How did you become a river guide? Luckily for me all my thanks go to my older brother Ben (LB) got hooked from an early age and from watching him have fun every summer was contagious. So I wound up working warehouse for Holiday as soon as I was old enough.


Join our Allies on the Water

Every river season, we relish the opportunity to partner with organizations doing important work. Now more than ever we know we need to protect the rivers we love to run. Here's our 2017 eco-offerings!

Join the Sierra Club on educational interpretive journeys through some of our region's most breathtaking landscape. To book into these chartered trips click here. Each trip is joined by a Sierra Club liason to discuss ecology threats to the resource.

2017 Sierra Club Outings Trips
May 29-June 2nd Yampa River
June 5-9th Yampa River
June 8-12th San Juan River
July 10-15th Desolation Canyon
August 1-5th Gates of Lodore

This June Waterkeeper Alliance is partnering with us to take advocates and activists down the Yampa River. This trip is full but the ever-more-interconnected work of Waterkeeper Alliance is very much open!

Aug 6-10th Glen Canyon Institute will be running a Lower San Juan River trip. Renowned water rights activist and professor Dan McCool will be on board. This journey will focus on water rights along the Colorado River System and the legacy of dumb-dams, exceptionally illustrated by "Lake" Powell and the Glen Canyon Dam.

August 10-13th Wildlands Network will be joining us for a Wild time in Westwater Canyon. This 4-day trip will spend significant time in the upper reaches of Ruby and Horsethief canyons before entering into the gut of this blackrock canyon. We will be joined by acclaimed environmentalist and holidays "1st guide", the notorious Kim Crumbo.

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