By Eli Shostak

Write off? Right On!

Who doesn’t love having one of those “Ah-Ha!” moments of total clarity that shine through on perfect vacations? On the river, our usual distractions fall away and we access hard to reach insights. We soak in beautiful landscapes, listen to an engaging story or experience new situations that bring out our best. Suddenly it is easy to separate the truly important stuff from the merely annoying.  However, while finding our inner Oprah on vacation is easy, bringing her voice home proves to be a little trickier. What if there was a way to take our river side motivation and transfer that inspiration back to our home and work lives? We have an idea.

NewCo has teamed up with Holiday River Expeditions to deliver our Leadership for the Long term program. Since you all know how awesome Holiday is, let’s talk about NewCo. We are a collaboration of business professionals, executive coaches and educators who have created a six month long experientially based, open source program that provides leaders with practical techniques and actionable plans to lead with clarity despite the chaos of today’s workplaces. NewCo knows that change is a process and offers ongoing support through coaching and community so leaders can find sustainable ways to achieve their visions, improve workplace culture and have better bottom lines. Sounds good right? But why go on the river?


One of the things that makes NewCo different is that we facilitate a five day detox trip (so that’s where Holiday fits in). This is our way to provide an opportunity to experience what life is like when we totally unplug from our daily distractions. Instead we fill the usual screen time with mind clearing, movement, focused activities and thoughtful conversation, all in a gorgeous place. The truth is, experience is our most powerful teacher and NewCo’s program immerses participants in real experiences so there is no chance of “unknowing” what has been learned.  And just to be sure no one falls off the boat when they get home, we will arrange ongoing contact with folks from each adventure, we call it an ad hoc advisory board. This means that everyone can continue to navigate the rapids of their life and work with support from an experienced team of like minded people.

And to ice this cake, since this is a business expense, why not write the whole thing off? Six months building a vision and practicing a plan to be a more effective leader, five days on the river, and a lifetime of better bottom lines. How can you afford not to? Check us out at  All of the dates and contact information you need to get in touch, and sign up can be found there. Also links to our blog, twitter feed and our Pinterest page. You can also call Eli, our Operations Director, at 970.903.9623 to chat about our programs. We look forward to hearing from you.


Thanks to Holiday for working with us!


“A lover of wild places and deep adventures, Eli Shostak is a long time experiential educator, instructor and guide who recently got his first “mobile device” and is now exploring the world of social media while loving his role as NewCo’s Operation Director, (AKA, the Wearer of Many Hats). He lives in southwest Colorado with his amazing family.