Expert River Rafting GuidesTune into the River Currents Blog tomorrow for the first in this new series of personal profiles about the people who keep us all “Going with the Flow” at Holiday River Expeditions.

Holiday River Expeditions has remarkably little turnover in its guide staff. Guides who have worked for ten, fifteen, twenty years continue to come back. Some leave to start families, to pursue other careers, but the river – and the company – call them back after their kids are old enough to go rafting, or after retiring from their conventional jobs. What is it about Holiday that keeps them coming back? What makes first-year guides willing to commit to the next season before their training has finished? Who are the individuals who make up the Holiday community, and what inspires their loyalty to the company? This new series of “people behind the scenes” will explore.


Utah River Rafting Guide SusanSusan Munroe, company driver and guide-in-training, chose to return to Holiday for a number of reasons: friends, enjoyable work, exciting whitewater, and beautiful scenery. But the biggest reason is harder to define. It’s the every day extraordinary of life in the desert, the creative melding of personalities when living and working in close quarters, the culture of simplicity and shared values. Holiday’s motto is “Go With The Flow”. This summer, she’s determined to document the Flow that happens behind the scenes, and to highlight the people who know how to go with it. See more of Susan’s work here:, and photos of the river life here:

Also you can read Susan’s latest post here –