White Rim Trip in Canyonlands, October 1-3. - multi day mountain bike trip utahMulti-Day Mountain Bike Trips: the Best of Utah. Utah is known for having “The Greatest Snow on Earth” but many people don’t realize the amazing opportunities the varied landscapes of Utah afford in the summer.  So you bet, come and ski the greatest snow on earth but then come back and check out what Utah has to offer in the summer.

One of Utah’s most popular and fastest growing outdoor activities is Mountain Biking.  From Park City, to Moab to St. George, you will find some of the finest mountain biking trails in the country.

Holiday River Expeditions offers several mountain bike trips that are full of adventure just like their rafting trips.  The multi-day mountain bike trips range from beginning to expert level and some can be custom designed based solely on your group’s needs.  Holiday River Expeditions offers tours to five different areas that vary in scenery and climate as well as difficulty.

Our most popular trip is the quintessential Moab multi-day bike trip. The White Rim Trail

A three or four day trip that takes you about 100 miles on a sandstone trail through what is called the “Island in the Sky”.  This trip is also recommended for energetic beginners as well as intermediate riders and children should also be at least 14 years old.  You will get to pass landmarks such as Mussleman Arch, Monument Basin, Candlestick Tower, and White Crack which is a 1000 foot high perch from which you can see the confluence of the Colorado and Green Rivers in the center of Canyonlands.  Hikes include Fort Bottom and Wilhite Slot Canyon if weather conditions allow.  2016 dates:

 The San Rafael Swell San Rafael Swell Slot Canyon - multi day mountain bike trip utah

A three, four, or five-day trip.   “The Swell” as locals call it is an “under the radar” bike trip that offers plenty of variety and choices.  It can easily be customized to meet your biking level.  It’s perfect for groups that ride together regularly.  The Swell is a 3000 foot fold of sandstone located on the edge of the Colorado Plateau.  You can ride back in time as you pass abandoned mining camps and 100 year old ranches.  You can stop and explore cowboy camps, prehistoric Indian rock art, and possibly see a few petrified dinosaur footprints as well.  The ride ends at the Wedge Overlook which is commonly called Utah’s “Little Grand Canyon” which allows you a vantage point of 1000 feet above the San Rafael River below.  The San Rafael Swell trips are scheduled upon request with 6 or more people.


 The Maze Canyonlands Maze - multi day mountain bike trip utah

In the heart of Canyonlands National Park.  This is a four or five-day, 75 mile trip that is recommended for experts only.  You can bike through the most challenging parts of Canyonlands that have been shielded by man’s footprint.  You will get to hike into “The Maze”, camp at the Maze overlook and get to see beautiful ancient petroglyphs left by prehistoric Indians.  This is a small group premier trip.  The park only allows 7 guests and 2 guides per trip.



 Moab La Sal Mountain Loop Moab Mountain Biking LaSal Camp - multi day mountain bike trip utah

A two-day 50 mile trip high up in the LaSal Mountain range just outside of Moab.  It’s available to anyone over the age of 12 and is not for the faint of heart.  While day one is not technical it does push the limits of climbing and endurance.  You are steadily moving uphill all day on day one.  On day two things get technical right from the start and you will descend 4,000 vertical feet, leaving the alpine forests and their tall ponderosa trees and enter Utah’s red rock desert.  This is a perfect trip if you don’t have a lot of time available.  You will get to experience a little bit of everything in a jam-packed two-day ride.  We can combine this 2-day bike ride with our 2-day Colorado River rafting trip through Westwater Canyon for a fantastic 4-day bike raft combination trip.


Yampa Beauty

Yampa Bench Bike Trail –

This trail will take you along the Yampa Bench in the Dinosaur National Monument in Utah.  It’s a two-and-a-half-day trip that takes you 46 miles on a sandstone trail situated in between the Blue Mountains and the Yampa River Gorge.  It’s recommended for beginner to intermediate riders but most people that are physically fit will do fine.  While it is not a technical ride is does challenge you aerobically.  Children are recommended to be 14 years or older as well.  Riding along the Yampa Bench you will see the “tiger-striped” canyon walls and overhangs and get amazing views of the river and land below from great overlooks.  Hike to Whispering Cave and see old homesteads.  Most often this trip runs in combination with the Yampa River trip.  You bike along the rim of the Yampa River and meet the rafts at the put-in.