Unforgettable Camping Under the Stars

Moab Mountain Biking & Whitewater Rafting In Westwater Canyon, Colorado River

IMG_4612“Best holiday ever!”, says my 16 year old son. The mountain biking stretched us just enough and the rafting was a terrific contrast. Camping under the stars was unforgettable. The Guides were perfect, their cooking was superb, and even the bugs were friendly! All of this was accomplished under a sustainable and responsible umbrella ethic.

By Jim Ripley



About the La Sal and Westwater Bike/Raft Trip

Enjoy a little bit of everything with this combo trip. Starting with a bike tour through the La Sal Mountain, and ending in Westwater. You will start your trip amidst pine trees and cooler temps, and end on the river surrounded by sagebrush and cottonwoods.