So Much to See!

Mountain Biking The La Sal Mountains & River Rafting The Colorado River Through Westwater Canyon

July 25

2010-08-03-Westwater-881I appreciated the patience that our guides, Bossi and Brin showed while I bicycled very slowly and stopped numerous times to take photos. Additionally, the knowledge the guides shared about the history of the area, their sense of humor, and making the trip fun. They cared about preserving the environment for the future use of native animals and tourists. I liked seeing the cave in Westwater Canyon containing old bed frames and rusted items on a table where robber brothers lived. And also petroglyphs and sheep footprints on a hiking trail. I enjoyed the different foods at every mealtime, hot cooked meals, the vegetables, the rustic cowboy coffee pots, and desserts. Not having to organize the logistics made it easier to have an adventure. I was surprised at the scenery at every turn. I saw a bald eagle for the first time in my life! The other tourists seemed caring and appreciative of the environment we were in.

By Ann Kristin