Guide and Operations Manager Liz Hall brings us this report from the field, full of fun stories and company updates.

It’s hard to believe it’s already the middle of July! It feels like just yesterday we were opening up our warehouses, rigging our boats, and getting out on our first floats of the season. Sitting in the triple-digit heat, I’m reminded of those early spring trips when guides and guests alike bundled up in puffy jackets and slept cozily in warm sleeping bags.

Spring trips always bring a mixture of weather, and this year was no exception.

On my first San Juan trip of the season, we experienced low water, wind, rain, hail, and of course, sunny 80 degree weather all in the same day!

Westwater rain storm

A big kudos to our amazing guests who took all those variables in stride and found beauty, joy, and adventure in these canyons.

Hanging out in the river

For this season, we are thrilled to experience a 95% return rate for our full time guides! We welcomed 5 new warehouse/drive staff as well – many of whom are eager to begin guiding in future seasons!

Guides and operations staff all watched in anticipation to see what water levels this season would bring after such an exciting high water season in 2023. While the snow melt runoff wasn’t quite as spectacular as last year, we saw several medium water level Yampa trips, ran two triple rig Cataract Canyon trips, and many double rig Westwater Canyon trips.

Triple Rig with Nick Smith on front oar

In addition to these limited special water-level trips, we have several specialty trips lined up all summer!

So far, we’ve brought the Del Sol Quartet through the natural amphitheaters of the Yampa…

Del Sol Quartet

…danced to Bluegrass with the Pickpockets on the beaches of the Yampa…

Pickpockets performing

…we’ve painted and water colored our way through the San Juan, learned about the universe, galaxies, and stars both on the Yampa and through the Gates of Lodore, and we’ve biked the White Rim and met up with rafts to run Cataract Canyon. Wow, that’s a lot and we’re not even done yet! We still have more stargazing, journaling, yoga, whitewater kayaking, author, and other specialty trips planned for the second half of the season!

Joey talking about crypto

While there’s plenty of the season left, and still open seats available to jump on a Lodore, Desolation, Westwater, Cataract, or bike trip, we experienced our busiest day of the season on June 7th with 34 guides on the river and another 7 employees operating shuttle drives that day! We couldn’t have possibly executed such a busy day without the steadfast leadership of our Director of Operations, Tim Gaylord.

Tim on new T-Rig oar

On that note, we’re grateful to welcome Rachel Zuckerman as our Operations Manager in Green River! Rachel has been hard at work learning the inner workings of Tim’s brain and supporting our guides, making sure they have what they need to be healthy, happy, and safe on and off the river!

Rachel Zuckerman

With so much of the season still to come, it’s time for me to leave you and head back out to the river. I hope to see you out there, and as Dee always said, “you have to go to know!”


Liz HallOriginally from the Midwest, Liz moved to Utah in 2021 after spending a decade frolicking about on the West Coast. When she’s not sharing Utah’s Canyon Country with others, Liz can be found helping out in the Holiday office, biking, skiing, or traveling.