Holiday Bike Commuting


Honey BeeIt started as a way to NOT SUPPORT our oil and war based economy. I committed to ride my bike or take the bus one-two times a week and leave the car in the garage collecting dust. In the doing of the thing the twelve mile commute has evolved into much more. It reminds me of taking a wilderness river trip or mountain biking trip in that pedaling the bike forces a change of environment and pace. Yea, I could drive it three times faster but I’d lose the mind time. A mind free to meditate and work out the day’s challenges, free of the frenetic pace our culture keeps, free to ponder the human cost of war, or how warm it is outside away from conditioned air, and then damn that little Jack Russell Terrier is about to BITE my sandal-clad foot, flash-back to reality.

Nowadays several here in the office have turned to ebikes. As you can see in the image, Honey Bee the office Corgi loves the commute too!

Join us in the effort lessen emissions and help clean up the air!


by FastWoody