Three New Trips Added

Salt Lake City, UTAH 2/02/12 – Holiday River Expeditions located in Utah is announcing the addition of a few new white water rafting trips this year. Among these are three brand new river rafting trips that are being added to their already long list of hiking, biking and rafting trips. These are completed on the Colorado River as well as rivers in Utah and Idaho.

 These amazing white water rafting trips take vacationers on fun but somewhat wild rides through some of America’s most beautiful scenery. The Grand Canyon and Dinosaur National Monument are among the favorites.

 “Though we already offer some very exciting trips, we listened to the suggestions of past adventure seekers and put together three new exhilarating trips that are sure to be winners,” said [NAME], Holiday River trip manager.

The first of the new trips is called, “The Birding Trip” with Bill Finemore, Jr. Birding expert, Bill Fenimore, Jr. holds the title of manager of the Wild Bird Center in Layton, Utah. He is also a field birder who has been birding in exotic locations around the world. This is a 5-day birding trip on the Yampa River as it flows through Dinosaur National Monument. This area is well known for sightings of the Prairie Falcon, Rock Wren, Gray Flycatcher, and White-throated Swift.

The Yoga & Writing Workshop is also guaranteed to be a huge hit. This is a 5-day trip down the San Juan River with Yoga expert, Jessica Frogley. The highlights of this trip are the extraordinary sand waves this river is known for and plenty of time to relax and unwind in one of nature’s most amazing settings.

The Spiritual River Retreat with Jeanett Dames is a 6-day spiritual retreat where rafters will reconnect to nature and their inner selves. This trip takes place on the Main Salmon River in Boise, Idaho and includes exercises designed to help you explore the limiting beliefs which have been holding you back from greater success in your life. Jeannett Dames is a certified angel therapist and medium.

Three popular Holiday River Expedition trips, The Naturalists Trips, The Extended Hiking trip, and The Kayak Workshop will be held on new dates this year. That information can be found on the Holiday River website.


About Holiday River Expeditions

For over 46 years, Holiday River Expeditions has offered white water rafting trips, and hiking and biking trips on the Colorado and Green Rivers. These thrilling trips offer breathtaking scenery on the ride of your life through the Grand Canyon, Westwater Canyon, and Cataract Canyon among others. They also offer Family Rafting Trips.


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