SALT LAKE CITY, UT, March 3, 2020 – Whether you are a do-it-yourself rafter or prefer the professional services of a commercial outfitter, knowing and understanding the river you are running adds to the overall enjoyment.  With more than 50 years of river rafting under their belts, the professionals at Holiday River Expeditions have compiled their expertise into The Complete Guide to Whitewater Rafting Trips in Utah.

This new resource for every kind of adventurer is offered free and online at:

Truly a one-of-a-kind compilation of knowledge, this guide pulls together the most interesting facts and history surrounding seven extraordinary river trips in Utah – before stepping foot into a raft.

In planning and editing the guide, the company called in seven distinguished voices, each of whom writes about a different river. The resource culminates in an easy-to-reference Trip Table of all of Holiday River Expeditions’ commercially operated 2020 Utah river trips. Information common to each of the seven rivers in the Colorado River Basin includes:

  • A general river description
  • Type of adventurer best suited for each river
  • On- and off-river highlights
  • Experiences unique to each river trip
  • Signature rapids along the course
  • Each river’s unique claim to fame
  • The best off-river hikes
  • Types of watercraft used on each river
  • Starting and ending points
  • River history and who made the first descent
  • Seasonal climate and weather stats

Here are the seven river trips chosen for inclusion in this new resource:

“This complete guide series is the culmination of much thought and effort on the part of our company leader and head Interpretive Guide Susan Munroe. With many years on the river and many more spent as a writer, editor and researcher, Susan’s talents imbued this unique resource with just the right amount of information to make anyone entering these backcountry areas feel competent in their upcoming adventure,” said Lauren Wood, Trip Director for Holiday River Expeditions.

Wood explained that the company’s general pre-trip information packets contain any necessary prep and logistical details for Holiday’s trips.

“But these new insiders’ guides are a great tool for anyone looking for digestible and accessible intelligence on these oft unfamiliar landscapes,” she added.

One noteworthy fact helps set Holiday River Expeditions apart from most other operators on the same rivers. They are the only rafting outfitter that literally goes with the flow exclusively on all its trips by running these waterways by oar-power only, without the use of motors or motorized support.

“Oar power is the most natural way to experience the river and the absence of motors makes high water trips as exciting as it gets. Rafters experience the rush of wind, a chatty raven or a churning rapid absent the drone and smell of a motorized raft,” said Tim Gaylord, Director of Operations and Holiday employee since 1978.