SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Dee Holladay, founder of Utah-based river rafting and mountain biking outfitter Holiday Expeditions, was awarded with the Conservation Stewardship Award by America Outdoors (AO), the international, non-profit association of outfitters who provide a wide range of recreation services to the general public in 40 states and 60 foreign countries. AO President Brian Merrill presented the award to Holladay at the 1999 AO Confluence banquet, on December 4, at the Wyndham Hotel in Salt Lake City.

The Conservation Stewardship Award identifies an outfitter who makes outstanding contributions to the conservation of natural, cultural or recreation resources and/or the conservation of fish and wildlife. For more than 36 years, Holladay has worked to preserve and conserve the rivers and riparian areas of Utah, where he runs river rafting trips. Holladay believes that education is the key to preservation of our wild lands and he continually educates himself about environmental systems and issues which contribute to the his company’s environmentally-friendly and proactive procedures and standards for operations, interpretation and guest interaction.

“Dee continues to refine and modify Holiday’s trip logistics, procedures and programs to provide the highest standards in “Leave No Trace” outfitting and camping, as well as environmental, cultural and conservation education to guests and guides,” said A.O. Awards Committee Chairman Paul Breuer. “His commitment to onservation in all aspects of his business and community endeavors clearly earns him this honor.”

Holiday’s mission statement, envisioned by Dee Holladay, clearly reflects where his company’s priorities lie:

Holiday will provide our guests a safe and enjoyable wilderness experience with an opportunity to learn about the natural world, and through this awareness encourage the preservation of wild places and cultural treasures. We will accomplish this through: Diligent Training; Meaningful Interpretation; Innovative Equipment & Facilities; Responsible Stewardship of the Land; and Environmentally Sound Business Practice.

In addition to his conservation interests within his company, Holladay is also an active member of the Utah State Resource Advisory Council where he strives to introduce a balance between BLM land uses and conservation methods. Dee has been a proponent of a new river management plan undertaken by Canyonlands National Park to take into account environmental threats to the park’s canyon, riverway and backcountry areas. Dee has also been involved with conservation efforts as a:

* Flaming Gorge Dam Operations Citizen Workgroup Member.
* State Parks Boating Advisory Council Member.
* Western River Guides Association Past President, Utah State Chairman & Vice President.
* Utah Guides and Outfitters Association Past President & Vice President.
* Utah State Project 2000 Member.
* Idaho Outfitters and Guides Association Safety Committee Member.
* Advisory Committee to the Board of Directors of the John Wesley Powell Museum Member.
* Worldwide Guides & Outfitters President.

In 1966, when Holiday Expeditions was incorporated, the company ran river rafting trips on the Colorado and Green Rivers. Today, Holiday Expeditions runs environmentally- and conservation-friendly multi-day rafting trips on 12 sections of seven different rivers in Utah and Idaho. Holiday is one of a few outfitters that uses only oar-powered boats on riverways and in canyons. In 1992, the company expanded its adventure/ecotourism offerings adding backcountry mountain biking trips, on pre-existing jeep trails, in Utah.

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Last Updated: DEC 1999