SALT LAKE CITY, UT, Jan. 26, 2023 – Comfort zones move front and center on Holiday River Expeditions’ newest river rafting trip for 2023.

Intro to Overnight Rafting on the Colorado River is for people who may be new to camping and/or new to river trips and/or who are introducing children to the wilderness for the first time.

Helping to packThe elements of any Holiday River Expeditions are a river, a boat and the ingredients that make for comfortable camping. The company’s new-for-2023 departures are designed to pay particular attention to alleviating the concerns and anxieties that some first-timers may bring with them. Please see:

“Whitewater rafting looks exciting but can feel intimidating if you’re new to it. We designed our Intro to Overnight Rafting trip as a way to welcome individuals or families to the river lifestyle. Expert guides and the casual pace of this trip make it accessible and fun, even if it’s someone’s first time rafting, camping, or both,” explains Trip Leader, Liz Hall. She helped design this new program for Holiday River Expeditions (

The two 2023 season departure dates for this new, 3-day/2-night introductory program are; July 18-20 and Aug. 8-10. Children ages 5 and up are welcome. From an early morning meet-up on day 1 at Holiday River’s headquarters in Green River, Utah, to the journey’s end at the river take-out, this entrée into river rafting is designed to be stress-free, engaging and fun. Young and old guests delight in camping on the river bank under a canopy of stars and having an option to play on stand-up paddleboards or in inflatable kayaks on calm stretches (Class I rapids) of the Colorado River. The easy-paced journey covers 25 scenic river miles start to finish.

Great for kidsThe expedition travels through red sandstone cliffs, dubbed Ruby and Horsethief Canyons, on the border of Colorado and Utah. The trip starts in southwestern Colorado just west of Colorado National Monument and slowly works its way back into Utah. This stretch of river offers stunning wilderness and teems with wildlife such as bighorn sheep, river otters, cliff swallows and bald eagles. Guides will point out sections of metamorphic Vishnu Schist (black) and Zoroaster Granite (pink) while floating Horsethief and Ruby Canyons, the only places on the Colorado River outside of the Grand Canyon where these Precambrian rocks are exposed.

Guides will also share their knowledge of the river and the human history of the canyon. This region is the traditional homeland of the Núu-agha-tʉvʉ-pʉ̱ (Ute) people who still occupy small portions of these ancestral lands.

Camping on the River“Holiday has intentionally moved away from talking about these canyons and plateaus as places somehow separate from humans,” says Trip Director Lauren Wood. “The separate-from-humans concept has done untold damage to the way we think about public lands and what they mean to the American story. Informed by our own relationships with tribal elders and friends, we are re-framing stories related to sovereignty, environmental justice, and sacred places.”

Rates are $645 for adults, $595 for youth and seniors. The rates include transportation from Green River to and back from the river, camping gear, guide-prepared meals, use of boats and rafts, guided hikes and nature/cultural interpretations and the watchful eye and camping assistance of guides throughout the journey. Rates do not include a $4.00 per person fee added for Sovereign Lands. This fee underscores the respect and support of sovereign governments and communicates that respect with other boaters and people recreating on the lands of indigenous peoples.