SALT LAKE CITY, UT, Jan. 27, 2022 — Holiday River Expeditions, trailblazer in terms of diverse participant inclusion, is committed to ensuring every guest and staff member has a respectful, welcoming, and enjoyable backcountry experience. To that end, the company has announced a series of new Affinity Trips designed for both the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer) communities and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) communities.

Following the launch of two successful LGBTQ trip outings in 2021, the company has expanded and enhanced its offerings to now include more extended, senior-oriented, and sober trip departures. Holiday has teamed up with The Venture Out Project on its LGBTQ trip offerings, inspired by a collaboration with Mikah Meyer & Outside Safe Space.

Recognizing a lack of such offerings in the general outfitting and adventure tour industry, the company’s new BIPOC trip caters to any and all non-white active travelers, regardless of sexual orientation or gender expression.

“I am thrilled that our first round of affinity based trips went so well last summer! When we first started the conversations 3 years ago, it felt like a dream,” said Lauren Wood, Trip Director (who also identifies as queer, lesbian, and non-binary). “Now, with resounding enthusiasm for this kind of identity specific space to be created on our river trips, it has been a pleasure to plan for this year’s expanded trip offerings.”

Traditionally, the outdoor recreation industry has been slow and even reluctant to serve these increasingly diverse communities now finding their way into the wild.

“Historically a very white and straight arena, the outfitting industry needs to grapple with the critical issue of diversifying outdoor recreation spaces. With our talented and kind guide team, plus solid strategic vision in place, we couldn’t be happier to be taking meaningful steps in that direction,” explains Wood.

The company states that these affinity trip offerings provide a chance to reclaim a long-standing and powerful connection to wild places while having a ton of fun on an adventure within the boundaries of a specific identity group space. With intention and persistence, they will create brave spaces to allow participants to let their guards down and connect to something powerful, only found in nature.

Affinity Based Trips for 2022 Include:

LGBTQ Desolation Canyon Elders Rafting Trip – May 16-20 2022
Holiday’s first ‘Elders’ LGBTQ trip. Note: “You don’t have to be a senior citizen to feel accepted on this 30 years & older river trip.” Desolation Canyon is the perfect introduction to whitewater rafting with classic fun found around almost every bend. Big sandy beaches and ample cottonwood tree shade provides a comfortable place to kick back and enjoy making it through those first 30+ years of queer youth.

BIPOC Westwater Canyon Rafting Trip – July 29-31, 2022
Holiday’s inaugural Black, Indigenous and People of Color trip. Join a team of BIPOC collaborators and veteran river guides while creating an intentional and brave space in the wilderness. Holiday guides handle all the work leaving time to enjoy a long weekend connecting to the natural world, and yourself in an entirely BIPOC community of fellow expedition members.

LGBTQ Lodore Canyon Rafting Sober Trip – Aug 18-21 2022
A sober space trip; so no substances, but all the fun! Soliciting feedback from participants after 2021’s successful LGBTQ trip, there was serious interest in creating a sober trip option for those looking to disconnect from the ‘real’ world and from substance-abuse culture. Lodore Canyon provides a perfectly balanced trip with plenty of time for relaxation, adventure, tranquility and thrills, all within a safer and vulnerable space of a dedicated queer and trans affinity trip.

LGBTQ Westwater Canyon Extended Rafting Trip – Aug 22-25 2022
In an expanded return from last season, Holiday is offering this traditionally 3-day trip as an extended 4-day for added time to relax, bond and get into the slow-time of river life within an affinity group space. For queer and/or trans identified folks wanting to enjoy the liberating feeling of being in an inclusive community space while enjoying some thrilling whitewater, this is the perfect trip.

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