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SALT LAKE CITY, UT, March 14, 2017 – To hone in on Nature’s capabilities for spiritual and physical healing, veteran adventure travel company, Holiday River Expeditions( has created a new series of programs dubbed Balance & Flow Trips.

“This isn’t ‘new age, cosmic cowboy’ stuff,” emphasized John Wood, Co-Owner and President of Holiday River Expeditions. “We’re just rafting and camping and hiking as we always do, but all along the way we’re notching up mindfulness of Nature’s role in our experiences. We look at fitness, yoga, food and more through Nature’s lens.”

This company, already used to looking beyond the norm through telescopes during its popular Dark Sky Stargazing Trip Series, now has five new Balance & Flow adventures to consider for 2017.

Mindfulness Trip with Sarah Potts –May 19-22, 2017. The setting is the Green River that cuts like a knife through Lodore Canyon into the heart of Dinosaur National Monument. Here teacher, researcher and therapist Potts, who is currently completing her doctoral training, brings her understanding and applications of mindfulness to this therapeutic, white-water focused rafting, hiking and wilderness camping retreat that includes meditation and yoga. The gathering point is Vernal, UT, where guests are transported to Brown’s Park National Wildlife Refuge, the site of the put-in.  Over the next four days guests experience the High Desert country of the Colorado Plateau, a landscape teeming with wildlife. The minimum age is 18. The per person rate for this four-day program is $955. See:

Wild Yoga Journey on the River with Rebecca Wildbear – June 5-10, 2017.Helping guests navigate the underground rivers of dream worlds is a goal of Wildbear, a soul guide who created her company, Wild Yoga. While rafting and wilderness camping on the Green River through Desolation Canyon, guests learn to hear the river’s song and the rhythms which their own bodies sing. The 94-mile journey begins at Sand Wash put-in in the center of the Tavapauts Plateau and ends at Swasey’s take-out. The minimum age is 18. The per person rate for this six-day adventure is $1,200. See:

Energy Medicine with Chrissy Bloome – June 29-July 2, 2017.  Bloome, a veteran Holiday River Guide, is a registered nurse and certified energy medicine practitioner. Her self-care strategies are designed to last a lifetime. During this specialty trip guests experience the foundations of Energy Medicine, a system to manage and balance the body’s energy. The results assist the immune system, personal vitality and stress resilience. Guests gather in Bluff, UT, for a short ride to Sand Island put-in on the San Juan River. Rafting, hiking and wilderness camping combine forces on this four-day adventure that begins and ends in Green River, UT. The minimum age is 14. The per person rate for this four-day immersion is $1,000. See:

Adventure Fitness with Kathleen Leopardi – July 17-20, 2017.Playfulness can assist well being. This is Leopardi’s thesis at her own company, Personal Fitness Zone in Salt Lake City, and one that she will demonstrate on the 54 miles of laughter through Westwater Canyon on the Colorado River. The meeting place is Green River, UT. This stand-up paddleboarding, inflatable kayaking, hiking, swimming and Class IV paddling thriller races through the canyon wilderness of Colorado and Utah in high energy fashion. The minimum age is 14. The per person rate for this four-day journey is $1,000. See:

Vegan Wellness with Tess Challis –Aug. 28-31, 2017. This professional chef to backcountry kitchens is a vegan specialist, author and wellness coach. Challis will cook up a storm of vegan meals for guests rafting and stand-up paddleboarding through Ruby and Westwater Canyons on the Colorado River. Westwater Canyon cuts its teeth through black-rock canyons in Southern Utah, just northeast of Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. Guests meet in Green River, UT. The minimum age is 14. The per person rate for this four-day culinary river tour is $1,000. See:

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