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Couples navigate the rapids of life together with the help of Holiday River Expeditions

Molly and Clint Wolf knew they didn’t want a traditional wedding.  When they decided to take their entire wedding party down the Yampa River on a whitewater rafting trip that culminated in their marriage ceremony, they weren’t sure how people would react.

“We were both so thankful for what our family and friends had given us throughout our lives.  Clint and I wanted our wedding to be more of a celebratory thank you,” said Molly Wolf. “We figured, what better way to give back to them than by giving them an adventure!”

Growing Trend

Molly and Clint are part of a growing trend seen by the river rafting experts at Holiday River Expeditions. While whitewater wedding rafting trips are by no means a common occurrence, the company is no stranger to this special request. In fact, river guides say that the trip can be an apt metaphor for a couple’s union.

“We had one couple who came down the Yampa and Green Rivers separately and then got married in Echo Park at the confluence of the two rivers,” says Karen Johnson, adventure trip consultant with Holiday River Expeditions. “They met in the middle and left on their journey together.”

Something Different

Couples looking to get married in this fashion can do so from May to late September, and trips range from 2 to 6 days. Usually, a maximum number of 25 guests can be accommodated, but the company has the ability to launch up to 50 people in some areas.

Though this type of wedding is certainly not everyone’s idea of an ideal ceremony, those who have done it say that they can’t imagine getting married in any other way.

“I would say our favorite part is the time we were given with no interruptions,  to be somewhere beautiful with the people we love,” said Wolf. “For four full days we got to catch up with family, get to know others, and laugh and laugh and laugh. In a world that is so busy and so full of noise, this simple time was simply the best.”