written by

Gerri Findley

on the

Main Salmon River Rafting Idaho Boats - Ode to SteveLower Salmon River


It was summer nineteen eighty-six

And we needed a vacation fix.

So we headed off to Idaho,

For a Salmon River rafting go.

We met or guide the day before.

Did not know then we’d truly scored.

But he held on to a cigarette pack

And I thought, He’s a smoker, oh crap.

But he just always picked up litter

To make the river that much better.

Yes it’s Steve I’m talking about.

The river guide with lots of clout.

He gave us the trip we’d never forget.

He fried the perfect omelet.

His sandpit lasagna in cast iron

Was super delicious and that’s no lying.

When that trip was over it wasn’t the end.

We went back to Tulsa and told all our friends.

Steve sent us a gift – A COUGAR HORN

We sent him a card when Greyson was born.

He stole our design and did the same one when he and Lynnel gave birth to their son.

He’d mail us letters for April Fools

Steve’s a practical joker who’s funny and cool.

More years passed by and we lost touch.

But we never forgot this guy we liked so much.

And when we entered 2010

We wanted to raft the Salmon again.

We told our kids about this Steve

And they responded “When do we leave!?”

So we planned out a 2100 mile trip

To see this guy that was so hip.

We met again in the Holiday parking lot.

Little did we know that he forgot.

Who the hell that we really are,

And we’d driven so far.

He even brought us rhubarb pie.

Not realizing it was for a different guy.

He finally remembered the second day

After he heard some stories we’d say.

But that’s OK, we’re not chopped liver.

All is cool when you’re on the river.

So Happy Birthday Steve Wassmuth.

Our favorite Grangeville River Goof.