Befriended By Otters

Floating Down Lodore Canyon On The Green River In Dinosaur National Monument

August 16

2010-07-18-Lodore-2710I rode on all of the rafts, and must say that ALL of the guides were exceptional. They really made the trip a memorable one! The food was better than I cook for myself. They should have a reality show of river rafting cooking….you would win! The overall experience was a great one! From the beginning to the end when we were surprised by the two otters at the “take out”, what more can be said…It was a blast!!!

By Cindy Ludwig


Wildlife in Lodore Canyon

Lodore Canyon is filled with wildlife! You may get the opportunity to see otters, beavers, bobcats, ringtails, black bear, big horned sheep, etc. In regards to the birds in the canyon, the great blue heron is one that you can almost guarantee to see, as well as ravens, and Canada geese.