Your Guides were Great Role Models!

Green River Rafting In Dinosaur National Monument Through The Gates Of Lodore

Great Role Models


Matt and TBurd are so enjoyable, very different people, yet highly engaging and fun. They were good role models for my grandsons. I loved the waterfall hikes. This takes extra effort on the part of the guides and is much appreciated. The guides went to extra trouble–particularly with the campfires and s’mores, thank you. It was very nice also to be with such nice people who were also on the trip.
By Martha Gilliland


Holiday Guides

All of Holiday’s guides go through extensive guide training before they’re allowed to row guests down the river. They learn how to prepare each meal, spend a full week going through whitewater training, and another week in medical training to receive their Wilderness First Aid Certifications. One of the things we don’t have to teach our guides is how to interact well and have fun engaging interactions with our guests. Our operations manger, Tim Gaylord hand picks the best of the best when it comes to social, and outgoing guides.