LGBTQ Rafting Trips

LGBTQ Rafting Trips

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender & Queer Rafting Trip Series

We are beyond exited to be getting back out on the river this summer with these fresh new offerings. For a long time queer community has had a place in the great outdoors, but one often overlooked or disregarded. With queer leadership from the top down, Holiday is ready and able to create these inclusive, intentional and super fun adventures.  Whether its a short 3 day get-away or a longer 6 day your looking for, we are offering both & with the help of the groundbreaking folks at The Venture Out Project & our friend Mikah Meyer of Outside Safe Space, we can facilitate a truly queer experience in the back country.  If your queer & you adventure, you belong on one of these LGBTQ rafting trips with us!

Additionally from now until March 1st the Cataract Trip has 50% of the seats held with a significant price reduction for members of the BIPOC* community.  This price reduction will remain for any BIPOC individuals after March 1st, but the seats may be scooped up, so call us to book ASAP!

*BIPOC stands for black, indigenous & people of color.  We recognize no racial identity is a monolith and as such we welcome folks within the BIPOC community to pay the full rate if you can afford it. However, we acknowledge economic and other structural barriers have historically marginalized BIPOC folks in the outdoor recreation community. This is an imperfect attempt to do one small thing to lower those barriers. Please join us on one of these LGBTQ Rafting Trips!



6 Day LGBTQ Cataract Canyon

Join us for tranquil floating, thrilling whitewater, spacious beaches, and a once in a life-time bonding experience. All with fully guided and catered service, this trip is the cornerstone of Utah Whitewater rafting, and is hands down the best way to see Canyonlands National Monument from the bottom up!

3 Day LGBTQ Westwater Canyon

Westwater is the gold standard for shorter get-always & fits nicely into a larger vacation plan around this diverse region. With adept queer facilitators paired with the 55 years of experience Holiday brings to the river, this shorter adventure is sure to thrill!