Whitewater Kayak School

For adventurists looking to take the plunge into white water kayaking, the August 3-8, 6-day 5-night Green River, Desolation Canyon Whitewater Kayaking Workshop is the ideal way to start.  Andy Thunell of Rapid Progression Kayak School will be your instructor.

While prior kayaking experience is not a requirement, it is helpful. Holiday River Expeditions suggests guests take a kayak swimming pool class. It helps ease the white water rafting river learning curve. Many times these basic pool classes are available at local universities or even community colleges. Being in good physical condition and having a level of comfort around water and water activities is also recommended.

This whitewater kayaking workshop includes the following highlights:

• Teaches guests to read and navigate rivers, including eddies and rapids.
• Teaches basic kayak safety and strokes.
• Focuses on learning to roll in kayaks, including how to play safely in the rapids.

Our six-day workshop teaches kayakers to become familiar with kayaking river rafting equipment. It will also help teach important stretching techniques, how to effectively get in and out of kayaks, forward and reverse strokes, exiting kayaks while overturned, sweep strokes and how to both enter and exit eddies.

Focusing on different types of braces, this class teaches kayakers what to do when faced with strong rapids, how to ferry across rivers, the importance of draw strokes and teaches sculling.

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These skills become more advanced and are covered in more detail once kayakers have a basic understanding of kayaking skills.

Holiday River Expeditions outfits the trip and Rapid Progression will supply kayaks and flotation devices, paddles, life jackets, spray skirts and helmets. Also included are meals, waterproof river bags and the transportation to and from the designated meeting point.

Kayakers should bring the following items: sunscreen, nose plugs, wet suit booties or tennis shoes, a water repellent jacket or spray top,  warm layers and sunglasses with retainers.

Guests may also participate in optional hiking, as many short hikes are available nearby. For this reason, kayakers may want to bring lightweight hiking boots or extremely durable sneakers. Nearby activities also include the following: John Wesley Powell Museum in Green River, Utah, Dead Horse Point State Park, Arches National Park, Fisher Towers, Canyonlands National Park, Goblin Valley State park, Colorado National Monument, Capital Reef national Park, San Rafael Swell, Natural Bridges National Monument and the Henry and La Sal Mountains.