“Words fail but I’ll do my best,” writes Lorna Rosenstein, as she recounts in a letter about her “life-changing” experience as a guest on a Gates of Lodore river trip with Holiday River Expeditions. Unbeknown to Lorna, what she expresses in her letter is what fuels the team at Holiday to strive in hopes that all their guests get a truly memorable and nourishing experience from their time on the river as well as a deepening respect for the natural beauty around them. “The act of sharing these special places with others in hopes they will ‘turn on’ to the need to protect is what Holiday River is all about,” states owner John Wood, in response to Lorna’s letter below.

“…When asked about my feelings regarding my time on the river, I replied ‘it was life changing.’ Although that may have sounded a bit too effusive, I couldn’t have meant it more.

For the past ten years, I have been an unpaid citizen advocate for Clean and Safe Drinking Water. I have spent countless hours championing against intentional and unintentional water contamination. I have worked very hard. Although I have had wonderful ‘a-ha’ moments, it wasn’t’ til I passed through the Gates of Lodore that it all came together…what I do and why I continue to do it. I wept a lot as I paddled, overcome with the beauty and majesty of the river gorge…overcome with the miracle of it all, grateful to play my small part….”

Lorna has promised to be back “again and again and again and again.”

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