The Gear & Camping

Oar Rafts

The 17.5-foot rafts haul tremendous loads that put the “cush” into camping. We design and build the rigging ourselves, because after over 50 years of experience, we have a pretty good idea of what works. The design is the perfect marriage of utility, security, and comfort…it is a Holiday exclusive, without equal in the industry.

As a passenger, you travel comfortably with plenty of places to sit or stretch out, while your guide rows you down the river. Our oared rafts can carry up to six guests, as well as all the food, camping and safety equipment that make our trips a true vacation.

Inflatable Kayaks

On the river we affectionately call inflatable kayaks “duckies” – small one-person boats that allow you to explore the river and play on your own. They add to the excitement on small to moderate sized rapids. On most trips we can bring a few along for guests to share on appropriate sections of the rivers.

Paddle Rafts

Our 15-foot paddle boats give guests a more “hands on” experience – the option of taking an active role in propelling a raft down the river and through rapids. On long multi-day trips paddle boat participants must be in good physical condition, adventurous and willing to get WET! Paddle boats are offered on the San Juan River, Desolation Canyon, Lodore Canyon, Yampa River, Main Salmon River, and Lower Salmon River Canyons and trips subject to water conditions and group interest.

Paddle Boards – S.U.P.’s

Ideal for calm water sections they offer a chance for some exercise and personal time. If paddling doesn’t take your breath away standing on water surrounded by surreal canyon landscapes will! Based on interest we can take one along on trips with plenty of calm water.


Our mountain bikes are by full suspension Camber Comp 29ers by Specialized, a leader in the mountain bike industry. Our in-house bike mechanic keeps our bikes in prime working order ready for you to jump on and go. Routine maintenance and frequent fleet turnover makes for quality bikes. Quality bikes make for a great riding experience.


On the way to river or trail is an exciting time, you’re anxious to begin the adventure. To make sure you get there in comfort and on time, we have a fleet of well-maintained Ford passenger vans to haul you and your gear to the starting point. At the end of the trip, our friendly drivers and comfortable vans greet you to return you to our headquarters.

4×4 Vans

On our mountain bike trips, our specially outfitted four-wheel-drive Ford vans haul your gear, food, water and cushy camping accouterments, so you can enjoy your ride. Holiday-designed water tanks ensure you have enough water for drinking and “solar showers” and then some.

Camping Gear

Off the trail or river, it’s nice to know you’ve got a comfortable bed waiting for you. You’re welcome to bring your own camping gear or rent gear from us. Our camping equipment is tried and true on river or trail. Inch-and-a-half thick air- and foam-filled sleeping mats, we call “Paco Pads”; clean and comfortable sleeping bags and trustworthy and rain-proof tents make the camping portion of your trip that much more enjoyable.

Clean and dry river bags are provided for each guest to put clothes and sleeping bag in. A smaller dry bag is provided as a day bag that is easy accessible on the river or trail throughout the day.


“Guide TV” has never been so good.  Our expert guides double as crack-team of chefs & sou-chefs, preparing unbelievably good food on the left bank in the middle of nowhere.

Nearly everything you see in our kitchen is custom made with the renaissance skillset of our guide and warehouse team.  Hand-welded stove-stands, hand-crafted tables that double as part of the boat-frame itself; even our coffee-pots are custom built to our particular specifications.  Every tool we use has been chosen for specific reasons, over a 50 year period, all in an effort to make our meals come out perfect for you!

Camp Circle

We come for the rivers, scenery, and adventure – We leave with new memories, and new friends!

The camp circle is our chance to get to know the people we’re on this adventure with. It’s where we talk about life, and tell tales about the excitement of the day. Where we get to enjoy gourmet meals, listen to live music, warm our feet in the sand, and feel the heat from the fire on our faces.  Not a social-butterfly? There is plenty of beach and shoreline to wander your way into absolute solitude!

The Library Can

If your idea of a perfect vacation involves sinking into a good read, we have the ticket for you!  Our mobile library can can be found on any trip and holds any number of excellent literary choices inside.  Having guides who intimately know the river is great, but having an old-school library to delve deeper into your canyon-questions is even better.  We have a selection, carefully curated originally by Dee Holladay, and more recently re-invented by our Interpretive Director Susan Munroe.  Each library is specific for the river trip you are on, and offers books ranging from plant and animal guides to nuanced non-fiction reads about the canyon itself; even more lyrical creative river-writing is in-toe.

El Baño

We always set up our “baño” (or restroom) in just the right spot: an easy walking distance, privacy from camp, and a view unmatched by any restroom you’ve experienced before.

While some of our guests have trepidation about the restroom, it’s really not too different from the original.  The baño will present a two seat-system with toilet seats much like yours at home.  One is for urine and the other for solid waste.  The majority of the trip, you can simply pee into the river but for convenience at camp and at night we offer this second seat option.  This restroom setup is regularly checked by our guides, kept clean, sanitized and regularly stocked!



When you reach your first beach for lunch one of your guides will give you a quick presentation on the hand wash system. We follow the Leave no Trace ethics down to the smallest detail including the germs that fall from our hands.

We use a two bucket system, with a long spout running from one to the other. One bucket holds fresh river water, and the other is empty waiting to catch run-off from your wash.

With two separate handwash stations (at the Baño, and kitchen) your hands will have plenty of opportunity to get nice and squeaky clean.

Camp Toys

We like to make sure our guests enjoy every minute of their trip, whether it’s on the boat or at camp. Of course you can spend your time hiking, and exploring the surrounding landscape, but if you’ve got a competitive streak, we’ve provided you with plenty of game & toy options.

We bring a variety of camp activities including, bocce ball, footballs, frisbees, horseshoe sets, bubbles, face paint and volleyballs. With the help of their oars and a little bit of rope, our guides have even mastered the art of building volleyball nets on the beach!