Idaho whitewater is some of the best in the country, and Salmon River rafting trips are something special. Explore a place on the map that has barely changed since Lewis and Clark first hiked through its forests and mountains. Wildlife such as elk, bear, moose, otters, beavers, and even wolves roam the surrounding hills. Whether you choose a rafting trip on the Main Salmon River, the longest undammed river in the United States, or opt for the 100-mile Middle Fork trip, you can expect impossibly clear water and exhilarating rapids. Everyone can relax on warm, white sand beaches, and absorb the solace of nature, swim in clear, calm eddies, and sleep under the bright, starry sky or put up your tent beneath a stand of fragrant, cool pines.

Holiday has partnered with Middle Fork River Expeditions (MFRE) to offer these amazing trips. MFRE’s owner, James Ellsworth, is a former Holiday guide who has been running safe, quality river trips in Idaho for over 20 years. MFRE itself has been in business for over 60 years. We’re proud to partner with a company that shares our same values. Enjoy gourmet food, world-class scenery, and superb service on a Salmon River rafting trip this season! Not convinced? Check out what previous guests have to say below!


Our Rafting Guides Were Incredible!

Russ, Molly, and Mike are each incredible people — they created a really fun and safe experience that we will all remember forever. My husband and I arrived pretty tired from our working lives…we left feel relaxed and regenerated. My whole family has talked often of this trip — we absolutely loved our time on the river with Russ, Molly, and Mike. Although I wasn’t expecting the fun bag of costumes! The last night of gifts was great — funny and heartwarming. Thanks. The food was incredible! Thank you!!

The Walton Family

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The Perfect Balance!

Our Salmon River Rafting Trip Was The Perfect Balance of Relaxation and Excitement.  Thanks for the great help from everyone, and when there was a slight change in plans, I felt totally taken care of! Loved the rental gear, that was the biggest tent I’ve ever slept in – bigger than my bedroom in NYC (not kidding) Our guides Molly and Russ were absolutely fabulous; fun, professional, and set a joyful tone for the trip. The food was abundant and delicious, thanks for accommodating my vegetarian needs.

The trip was tremendous fun – the perfect balance of relaxation and excitement.  All of our needs were totally anticipated and taken care of, I don’t think I’ve smiled this much in years.

Rebecca Guber
6-day Main Salmon River in Idaho


Beavers Wildlife


Fun to Spot Wildlife

Our week on the Main Salmon River was the best! Visiting Campbell’s Ferry taught me more about the colorful history of the area. We learned about forest fires, how to spot common merganser ducks, bighorn sheep, mule deer, and golden eagles. We ate a delicious ricotta and pesto appetizer that I can’t wait to copy!

By Bethany Irvine


Everything was better than what we expected!

Our guide’s energy was unbelievable on this trip! Our family of five had a wonderful time rafting the Lower Salmon River Trip with Holiday River Expeditions! Everything was better than what we expected! Our weather was beautiful and the scenery was spectacular! The guides made the trip even more fun. We are inexperienced campers, but after three nights on the river, we felt very comfortable with our surroundings and our abilities. The highlight of the trip was seeing the wildlife on the shore. We saw beautiful birds including bald eagles and herons, big horned sheep and even a bobcat!

The guides were terrific. Russ, Shelby, Pete, Molly, and Steve were extremely knowledgeable about the river. They made the rapids exciting, but we always knew that safety was the top priority. Their energy was unbelievable. After a full day on the river, they helped us unload the boats, set up tents, cooked us dinner, and even played games with the kids… always with a smile and a happy attitude. They made the trip even more fun! We will definitely look into another trip with Holiday in the future!

By The Wilkin Family


Great Hosts and Cooks!

Russ and Shelby were wonderful guides.  Knowledgeable about the history, the wildlife, and the river itself.  Their narrative made the trip much more enjoyable.  They were also great hosts and cooks.  Food was well prepared and way too much.  But delicious!  We enjoyed the “hot tub” and the side hike.  The sandy beach camping was very nice and comfortable.

Our trip on the Main Salmon Rafting trip was wonderful.  Great guides, great equipment. We had a fun time seeing this beautiful Idaho wilderness.  Our thanks to your company for setting up the trip.

By Donald and Judy Maurer

Main Salmon Sandy Beach Camps


Loved our guides!

My dry bags, sleeping bag, pillow, sleeping mat, and rain gear were in great condition. I provided my own tent. Zach, Kara, Morgan & Leon were awesome. In particular, Zach was a great leader, and made special considerations for my dad’s fishing interests. We loved our guides. We also really enjoyed meeting and talking to Frog before and after our trip. I didn’t do much hiking, but that was because I was so busy with hot springs, fishing, rubber ducky “surfing” attempts, and other general fun. The food was fabulous it was depressing to come home to my own cooking. The transportation was all convenient and easy. The only delay was not a Holiday Expedition problem, but rather a delay on the part of Salmon Air. And Holiday made the best of the situation, and still got us to our first campground with daylight to spare! Our trip was magical, and I’m very grateful to our guides for such an incredible experience. The highlight of the trip for me was getting to spend so much time on the rubber duckies – I loved them!  Thank you!

By Kim Giffin