Idaho’s Whitewater

On our Salmon River Rafting trip, you’ll discover breathtaking scenery around every bend; there is no end to the fun. With 20,000 square miles of wilderness and raging rivers, this pristine wilderness has something for everyone. From the tall pine forests to the sandy white beaches, the Salmon River rafting trip is a favorite for young and old alike.

Like stepping back in time, you’ll marvel at the natural hot springs, the bighorn sheep and moose, the elk and bear. You will also be treated to river otter sightings and deserted homesteads. These clear emerald waters boast over forty rapids that will keep you gripping your seat. Most folks love the Salmon River rafting trip because you are treated to rapids every single day of the journey.

Lower Salmon River

Holiday River Expeditions offers two exciting Salmon River rafting treks. One of them, the Lower Salmon River trip includes four amazingly beautiful canyons: the Blue Canyon, Snowhole, Cougar, and Green canyon. Early in the season, this trip will give you plenty of enjoyment with massive raging rapids. Later in the season, the Lower Salmon River calms down and becomes a very family friendly trips making it a great choice for families with younger children. Ages five and up are allowed on this river rafting adventure and it lasts for four days. This exciting trek is available from July through September.

Main Salmon River

The Main Salmon River rafting excursion might begin with a scenic charter flight from Boise to Salmon, Idaho. This is one of our meeting options, as this area is so remote that it can be difficult to get to. This is a ninety-two mile, five or six-day river rafting expedition. It is available from June through September and is open to children eight years old and up.

Everything’s Included

At Holiday River Expeditions, everything is included in one price on the river rafting trips. We will provide delicious, freshly prepared meals, river bags and life jackets. We always have plenty of water and lemonade available for weary travelers and with meals we offer other choices such as coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. You can BYOB and we will keep your beverages cold for you. We also provide transportation to and from the river.

Experienced River Guides

At Holiday River Expeditions, we have over 45 years of experience in white water rafting. Our staffs well trained as river guides and have extensive wilderness experience. Staff members and guides also have up-to-date first aid training. We’ve learned a few things over the years and believe in maintaining a hearty respect for nature, the rivers, and the land. We keep all our equipment including rafts, oars, mountain bikes, tents and bedding in pristine condition so that our guests always have an exceptional adventure with no unpleasant surprises when they book with Holiday River Expeditions.


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