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Salmon River Canyon food

Serving up a hearty breakfast riverside

What’s great about Idaho river rafting? Everything! The Salmon River Canyons trip in particular offers an adventure sure to linger in your memory. Gorgeous white sand bars, awesome rapids like Bodacious Bounce and Checkerboard, ancient Nez Perce pictographs, and the deepest river gorge in the United States, Hells Canyon, are all part of it. Holiday used to call this trip The Lower Salmon River, but Salmon River Canyons fits its description even better. Intense whitewater sections ratchet up the “whoo-hoo!” factor, while the classic mountain scenery of Idaho provides the backdrop for many fantastic photos and memories.


Notable for its rugged beauty, well-deserved reputation for adventure, and being an excellent destination for family trips, the Salmon River deserves a spot high on your bucket list. Three new Holiday expeditions for 2013 head out to the Salmon River Canyons: All Paddle Trip, All Inflatable Kayak Trip, and a combo of the Main Salmon and Salmon River Canyons for our “Ultimate Idaho Adventure.” Trust us, each one is going to be pretty darn awesome.





Paddling the Salmon River

All Paddle Trip

Get ready to be part of the action, front and center. Each guest on this trip wields a paddle, along with one guide per boat. If you are very fit and ready for adventure, this Salmon River paddle trip is calling your name. Prepare yourself for plenty of splashing, laughing, and vigorous activity as you get yourself down the river under your own steam. Hands-on is a fantastic way to experience this gorgeous river and surrounding canyon.


All Inflatable Kayak

Kayaks are just fun, plain, and simple. These maneuverable little one-person boats are easy to handle once you get the hang of them. After some guide instruction, you’ll navigate the river on your own power, paddling yourself through the rapids, along the calm stretches, chatting with the other kayakers, or enjoying the serenity of the canyons in your own little world. An oar boat carries all the gear, so you just have to focus on you and your own kayak.


Salmon River Canyon Kayaking

Salmon River Kayaking

Ultimate Idaho Adventure

The Main Salmon Canyon…the Lower Salmon River Canyons…nine days. This extraordinary journey takes you through the hearts of two great Idaho rivers, with a day in between each to refresh and pamper yourself in town before the next river leg. This unforgettable excursion allows for opportunities to glimpse eagles, moose, bighorn sheep, even bears. A great choice for that family vacation you’ve been planning, we think this fits the bill for the ultimate Idaho river rafting experience.





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