by Julie K. Trevelyan


Got family? A book club? A corporate retreat willing to get wet and have fun? A class reunion? Your hiking club that’s been itching to explore some of those river trails that are just too long to get to without river travel would enjoy a trip like this, or the group of investors who want to plan their next big project while enjoying some river time. Any and all of those would be a perfect fit for Holiday’s Lower Salmon River Canyons charter river rafting trips in Idaho. Gather your private group together and float through some of the most spectacular wilderness in the country. Whatever your group is, Holiday will help you travel in style with a memorable river rafting trip down one of Idaho’s best riverways.

Here are some excellent reasons to launch on your own private charter trip:

1. Rapids.

 Salmon River whitewater rafting is where it’s at. Ride the roller coaster-style river waves and currents through four beautiful canyons—Green, Cougar, Snowhole, and Blue—which lets everyone enjoy the best part of river rafting while still being a great experience for every adventurer, from the youngest to the oldest.

2. Wildlife.

Keep your eyes peeled for golden eagles, moose, river otters, and steelhead trout. Rafting along the River of No Return provides an amazing opportunity to spot wildlife on the shores from a stellar front-row seat in your boat.

3. Ancient rock art.

 The Nez Perce native Americans left their writings on the rock walls. Take a look at these ancient messages and wonder about what they said while hearing a little about the history of these people who made the Salmon river canyons their homes in ancient times as well as still today.

4. Beach time.

 Volleyball, anyone? Tanning time? Beachcombing? White sandy beaches are part of the Salmon River Canyons rafting adventure. Take a snooze or just relax in the sun on the sand as you listen to the gurgle and slide of the water curving downstream.

5. Inflatable kayaks and stand-up paddleboarding. 

Navigate the waves in your own kayak, or practice your SUP skills in friendly competition with your family members or coworkers. The Lower Salmon River is an excellent place to enjoy these self-propelled modes of transportation downstream. You can hop back into a big boat whenever you get tired—or just pass off your kayak to that grandkid whose energy has no bounds.

A group of just twelve people will make this a private trip.  Kids 15 & under go for half price.  Adults pay $895 each. Maxing out at 24 people means your entire wine club can go. The recommended age minimum for this trip is 5 years old.

Available dates: July 10-13July 2629 Aug 2-5,  Aug 18-21Sept 3-6Sept 11-14. Call the Holiday River Expeditions office now to reserve your trip on Idaho’s incredible Lower Salmon River. 800-624-6323


Julie TrevelyanWritten by Julie Trevelyan.

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