Holiday River Expeditions focuses on offering visitors the trips of a lifetime. With top-notch gear, adventurists can rest assured they’re in quality, professional hands.

• Rafts –

Holiday River offers 17-foot rafts that are designed to haul loads of camping supplies. Designing and building the rigs themselves, they have the experience, knowledge and foresight to know what works. Blending comfort, utility and security seamlessly together, Holiday River Expeditions is a superior force in the adventurist industry. These boats carry six guests, camping equipment, food and safety equipment.

• Paddle Rafts –

These 15-foot paddleboats allow guests the opportunity to have a “hands on” river rafting experience. Whether it’s floating down a peaceful stretch of river or tackling rolling rapids, these boats are designed to securely get passengers from one destination to the next – though getting wet in rolling rapids is a guarantee! Holiday River Expeditions offers paddle boats on the following excursions: Lower Salmon, Yampa, Main Salmon river rafting, San Juan and the Green River and Lodore Canyon.

• Inflatable Kayaks –

Otherwise known in the industries as “duckies” these boats are small and designed to accommodate one person. These are ideal for river exploration, including rapids and peaceful swirling pools. Perfect for small to medium-size rapids, these kayaks are available on select trips.

• Bikes –

As a unique outdoor outfitter that offers mountain biking vacations and even multi-sport combination trips, staff experts keep mountain bikes in tip-top shape. Routine maintenance and high quality bikes combine for an excellent, memorable vacation excursion.

• Vans –

Holiday River Expeditions offers passenger vans to make sure guests arrive in style. With a fleet of well-maintained vans, employees meet guests at their starting points and also pick them up upon conclusion of trips. These vans offer a comfortable ride for both short and extended journeys.

• Camping Gear –

Whether it’s on the river or off-trail, Holiday River offers a wide assortment of camping gear. With air- and foam-filmed mats, Holiday River also offers rainproof tents, clean and dry river bags and comfortable sleeping bags.

Holiday River Expeditions also offers excellent food accommodations. Guides create healthy, hearty meals that include salmon, steak, lasagna, salads and even brownies. Serving guests breakfasts, snacks, drinks, lunch, and dinner, they will also accommodate special dietary needs, such as those designed for vegetarians or diabetics.

The owners of Holiday River Outfitters, Dee and Sue Holladay, have been offering first-rate, high-quality river outfitting adventures since 1966. With decades of experience, they offer well-rounded insight into conservation, ecological issues, cultural preservation and even local historical preservation efforts.