Holiday River Expeditions’ Environmental Pledge

By Kenzie Comstock

.Installing Solar panels in Green River, UT - Environmental Pledge

Installing Solar panels in Green River, UT.  Offering a variety of outdoor adventures, including whitewater rafting and mountain bike tours, Holiday River Expeditions stands behind their commitment to helping preserve and maintain the environment.

Grey Water System

Environmental Pledge

Holiday River Expedition’s dedicated guides are avid outdoor enthusiasts, seeking to help preserve nature not only for this generation but also for generations to come. Understanding the importance of “act now, not later,” their deep commitment and knowledge to helping preserve the native wilderness revolves around one simple rule – leave no footprints.

Since 1966, Dee Holladay, founder of Holiday River Expeditions, has demonstrated a deep commitment to nature. Responsible for forging the “Leave No Trace” act that is required practice for land management agencies.  Dee focuses on preserving the beauty of the rivers, lands, and wildlife that inhabit the areas.

Avid recyclers and conservationists, Dee and his experienced team at Holiday River Expeditions believe in carrying out their message of environmental preservation in every step of their lives. This is true both at work and at home.

Environmental Groups

Renowned environmental groups, including The Nature Conservancy, Cloud Ridge Naturalists, Audubon Society, and the Sierra Club, have recognized Holiday River Expeditions’ commitment to nature and preserving the environment. Dee and his guides take members of these environmental organizations into the wilderness on annual rafting and bike excursions. Believing it is important for members to see first-hand the natural beauty of the area and bestow an appreciation for the no footprint policy that Holiday River Expedition strongly enforces.

Dinosaur National Monument

Dinosaur National Monument

Pledging an allegiance to nature and restoring America’s natural beauty is something, that Holiday River Expedition considers of the utmost importance. Not only do they focus on environmental preservation, but on the historical preservation of Native American artifacts, sites and petroglyphs. Historic and cultural preservation are closely related, and appreciating our native inhabitant’s heritage is vital. The ebb and flow of nature is a delicate balance and Holiday River Expedition always carefully disposes of waste, uses environmentally friendly products, and preaches responsible land stewardship.

Believing that the key to environmental preservation and protection is through diligent training, instilling information, and using responsible business practices, Holiday River Expeditions seeks to become a leader in environmental protection.