Green River Utah Trips – Before You Go

For trips meeting in the town of Green River, Utah. If you have any questions prior to leaving for your trip, we welcome you to call our Salt Lake City office, Monday through Friday at 800-624-6323 (outside Utah) or 801-266-2087 (inside Utah). We’re happy to take the time to answer your questions. You may also contact us by email at

Please review our PACKING CHECKLIST here!



 The best place to eat in Green River is Ray’s Tavern. Ray’s is a true small-town bar, rich in atmosphere and good food. They serve incredible hamburgers, pork chops, salads and steaks. Another great option is Tacos La Pasadita, which offers a one-of-a-kind ambiance: a delicious taco truck located in a converted gas station; it serves up some of the best burritos in the state. Additionally, The Tamarisk Restaurant offers family dining with riverside seating & is located a stone’s throw from our headquarters.

Rays Diner

The Pack

The waterproof bags provided will contain all of your belongings except for your tent, poles, and, if you rented a sleeping kit, your pad. Your larger waterproof bag (16” X 28” high) will hold your sleeping bag, pillow, & most of your clothing/toiletries for morning and evening use. If you brought your own sleeping pad it will also go into this large bag. The smaller “day bag” (10” X 22” high) will hold anything you need access to during the day on the river: Sunscreen, Chapstick, a mug, your favorite book, a rain jacket, maybe a pair of hiking shoes, etc. For a tutorial on how to pack your dry bags follow this link! Your tent (rental or owned) will go into a “tent bag” and your tent poles in a mesh “pole bag.” This is to ensure our waterproof bags are soft, easy to pack, and therefore waterproof! Avoid packing a high-profile tent as canyon winds have a habit of blowing those over much easier than lower profile or backpacking tents. 


On a bike/raft combination trip, consider bringing a bag that can fit your helmet and any bike specific gear that you’d prefer to leave with our support van when you transition to the river portion of your trip. On bike specific trips, you don’t need to use our waterproof bags but should plan on separating your items into the same 2 categories as any Holiday trip; waterproof bags are available upon request.

Green River Before You Go The Pack

Everything in Moderation

Please follow our river, bike, or combination packing checklists closely (depending on which applies to your trip). The items listed are essential to your comfort and enjoyment of these kinds of excursions. However, as with most things in life, moderation is the key to happiness; please refrain from bringing every last toy in your garage. Similarly, we provide three meals a day and have snacks on hand for those in-between cravings. If you have dietary restrictions or specific snacking needs we encourage you to supplement our meals; however we often do not have room in our coolers to accommodate food items in need of refrigeration. Your additional snacks will need to be stowed inside your personal bags during the day (we will have critter-proof storage available at night). In our 55+ years of operating, we have found that less is more and streamlining your pack allows you to focus on the things you came to enjoy most: the great outdoors!

Josh Cataract Food


 In the early and late seasons (May to mid-June and late-August to September), the daytime temperatures are 70 to 90 degrees, with nighttime temperatures 50 to 60 degrees. It seldom rains, but when it does, it can cool temperatures considerably in May and September. From mid-June to mid-August the days are hot, and temperatures average 80 to 100+ degrees during the day and 60 to 75 degrees at night. Swimming is most popular during these months. There will be an abundance of sun, so bring a hat and plenty of  sunscreen. Please avoid spray on sunscreen but if you must bring it, be careful to spray it far away and downwind from other people.

Weather Green River, UT

The Critters

…are generally no problem. In fact, the lack of pesky insects is one of the reasons wilderness camping on the river is so pleasant. Any river trip, however, is subject to an occasional localized insect hatch. During these hatches (most common in June to mid-July) mosquitoes can be bothersome. Be sure to bring long-sleeved clothing and a generous supply of repellent. Insect repellents that contain Deet are by far the most effective during heavy hatches. Citronella-based products work only in light hatches. We rarely see any snakes or scorpions, but if the thought of them bothers you, try sleeping on the beach or in a tent instead of rocky or bushy areas.

The Critters GR

Take a Hike

Hiking is a highlight of the trip; however, it is always an optional activity and how much hiking you do will depend on time, weather, water levels, and what other plans may be ahead for the day on the river. Please be aware that some of the hikes on this trip can be more strenuous due to heat and elevation gain. There are some shorter hikes available. Hiking can be done in durable sneakers, lightweight hiking boots, or hiking sandals

Hiking and Cactus

Bath Time!

You can bathe directly in the main stem of the river using biodegradable soap (like Dr. Bronners or Campsuds). Humans have a large impact on smaller side streams; therefore, please refrain from bathing in these sensitive areas. Alternatively, disposable antibacterial towelettes like baby wipes are great for cooler weather trips. 

Bath Time

The Baño

While in the backcountry, we strive to ‘leave no trace’ and a big part of that means carrying out our solid waste and bringing along a portable toilet we call the “Baño” to create a private and comfortable restroom experience outdoors.  Each day at camp your guides will set up a handwashing station & two portable toilets complete with toilet paper, a bathroom trash and a hand wash station. One toilet is for solid waste including toilet paper, one toilet is for folks who prefer to not pee directly in the river & a trash accepts anything else including menstrual products.  If you’re curious what going to the bathroom will be like on your trip, check out this informative video!

San Juan Bano

Robots in the Wild

Oftentimes the best part about the trip is “unplugging”. The use of electronic devices can often take away from the “wildness” of your trip. Therefore, we ask that you please be mindful of their impact on others and yourself and consider instead truly disconnecting. Some of our guests travel with their smartphone; if you choose to do so, be sure to use “airplane mode” to save battery life. There is always a risk of water damage to these and other electronic devices, even when they are stowed in a dry bag; do consider purchasing waterproof casing for this reason. We ask that you bring headphones if you intend to listen to music as portable speakers are prohibited by many of our federal land partners. And remember, we’re in the backcountry and cannot provide a power source.

Robots in the Wild


If you plan to bring alcoholic drinks, be aware that you cannot buy alcohol in Utah on Sundays or after 7 p.m. (except for a limited selection of beer at convenience or grocery stores). The liquor store in Green River, Utah is located in the front of the West Winds restaurant; however, it has limited selection and no wine. Beer may be purchased at many of the local gas stations. The grocery store has basic food items and a small selection of beer but is closed on Sunday. It is best to purchase all alcohol before arriving in Green River, Blanding or Bluff. You are also welcome to bring along any additional non-alcoholic beverages you would like to enjoy. We recommend that you label all of your drinks (marking individual cans is best) so that they’re easier to find once we pack them into our coolers. Holiday provides all drinking water, along with a selection of non-alcoholic sparkling water and soda (one can per person per day). 

Beverages Vernal Trips 2

Smoking & Vaping

Courtesy to fellow trip participants and the arid wilderness we travel through dictates anyone smoking or vaping do so mindfully. Make sure you are downwind and far away from others and that you ash into water or wet sand. Smoking and vaping are not allowed on the rafts at any time. Please keep in mind, the use of cannabis on all federal lands that we visit remains illegal.


Tipping the Guides

From sunup to sundown your guides strive to make your trip unforgettable. It is customary to tip your guides, especially if you feel they have been instrumental in the success of the trip. A suggested gratuity range is from $20.00 to $30.00 per guest, per day (about 10-15% of trip cost). Please plan to have cash or a check ready when we return to the warehouse at the end of the trip (there are also ATMs in town). Direct all gratuities and make any checks out to the trip leader, who will split the tip evenly among the guides. Venmo may be an option depending on the trip leader, but cash is always preferred.

Please note that on bike & raft combination trips you will have one set of guides for the biking, and a different set of guides on the river. If you intend to tip both, you should do so at the end of each trip segment.

Tipping the Guides

Is There a Doctor in the House?

Our guides are trained in wilderness first aid and carry first aid supplies only. Remember to bring your own prescription medicines. Alert our guides to any medical problem you might have such as diabetes or allergic reactions. Wilderness expeditions are a long way from hospitals and doctors. Evacuations to modern medical care are uncertain and protracted. In case of evacuation and/or medical treatment beyond first aid, expenses incurred are the responsibility of the participant.

Is there a doctor in the house? Green River Trips

Cancellation Policy

If cancellations are made prior to 90 days before the trip, monies will be refunded less a $200.00 service charge per person. Cancellations made within 90 days of the trip date are nonrefundable. 90 days prior to the trip date, we will transfer reservations to another trip in the same year with a $25.00 service charge per person. All policies will be enforced and we strongly recommend trip cancellation insurance. Cancellation of a trip is very unlikely, but we reserve the right to cancel any trip due to river or weather conditions or the lack of sufficient reservations. A full refund will be made if such is the case. Final payments MUST be received on time (90 days prior to trip) to continue holding your reservation. Please note, charter trips have a different cancellation policy that can be found on the Charter Trip Page.

Cancellation Policy Green River

Just In Case

Medical Evacuation and cancellation insurance on a vacation plan can be obtained from numerous insurance companies. You are responsible for these potential expenses and we strongly encourage all guests to have this coverage. We offer plans by TRAVEL GUARD that cover evacuation, baggage, and cancellation claims INCLUDING COVID. Information should be enclosed with this package. It is available to American and Canadian citizens, as well as citizens of another country as long as you have a U.S. address. If you would like a quote or you have questions follow this link. Also, if you are bringing expensive cameras, binoculars, or other items, we suggest you have insurance coverage for them (commonly available through homeowners policies). In the event of a loss, our insurance will not cover those items.

Just in Case Green River, UT Trips

While You’re Here

There are so many other journeys you could find yourself on around this greater plateau. Here are a few ideas. First, our favorite little museum, the John Wesley Powell River History Museum in Green River, Utah. You could also look into: Arches National Park, Dead Horse Point State Park, Canyonlands National Park, the Fisher Towers area, Colorado National Monument, Goblin Valley State Park, the San Rafael Swell, Capitol Reef National Park, Natural Bridges National Monument, and the La Sal and Henry Mountains, Natural Bridges National Monument, Newspaper Rock, Hovenweep National Monument, Monument Valley, Navajo National Monument, San Juan Goosenecks State Park, Comb Ridge/Abajo Mountains (Blue Mountain), Grand Gulch Wilderness Area, Mesa Verde National Park, and Bears Ears National Monument (to name a few!)  For more information on exploring Green River & its neighborhood, read this detailed blog!

Things to See in the Area Green River, UT