by Julie Trevelyan

Women's-River-TripsLife can be busy. Ringing alarm clocks, racing to get ready for work, and get the kids to school. Make that meeting on time, prepare for that big presentation, ferry the kids to sports’ practice, negotiate traffic, and remember to spend quality time with your spouse or significant other. Then get up and do it all over again the next day. Sometimes, we need a little break from the mad pace of a full life so we can recharge, relax, and rejuvenate. A fantastic way to do that is on an all-women’s raft trip, floating through one of the most scenic river canyons in Utah.

Ensconced on your raft, letting your fingertips drift through the actually green water of the Green River through Lodore Canyon. You are surrounded by female guests and female guides, where, as guide Jen Davis says, “A frivolity and relaxation happens as well as a kind of empowerment” due to the all-women environment. Add in the powerful serenity of nature, with the soaring canyon walls, and the possibilities of bighorn sheep grazing on the riverbanks as your rafts go by. There’s the deep peace of the wild, and you’ve got the recipe for a restorative experience.


The special component of yoga adds even more depth and the ability to re-balance your center. Stretching out in Warrior I pose on a white sand beach, or sitting in meditation on an ancient lava rock. Within the sound of the splashing waters you can refocus a mind scattered by the endless demands of modern life. Certified yoga instructor Stacy Peterson joins the trip, bringing her expertise as well as an understanding of how the harmonious aspects of nature positively affect and revitalize us.

Leave your cares behind and head down the river with Holiday on this special four-day Lodore Canyon trip, July 11-14.

Julie Trevelyan Written by Julie Trevelyan.

Julie is a freelance writer and wilderness guide in southern Utah. She especially enjoys books, coffee, yoga, wild country, horses, and dark chocolate.

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