Summer Geology Field Study and Lodore SlideshowSnow College Geology students join us this summer on a Geology Field Study rafting trip.

Mixing young with old, as in millenniums of years, creating a unique experience and opportunity for a group of youthful Snow College geology students this past June. On a field trip, they floated through Dinosaur National Monument along the Green River through Lodore Canyon on a summer field study experiencing the 360-degree views of geology in action. Action to them, still life for the rest of us who are naïve to the mysteries of geology.

Why does this river flow faster rather than get wider in Lodore canyon? What scars from the past now take our breath away? How to make sense of the strata, the layered complexion of cliff faces? What’s the story of the beach beneath your feet along this river?  So many unanswered questions to explore and explain. An educational field trip dream.

In a blog, students share their observations, insights, and knowledge applied and gleaned along this historic and scenic “trail.” Snow College Blog – Geology Field Trips

At Holiday, we also like to focus on the geology of the areas we float through. We have made a Geologizing Workbook for the guides to study, and learn from.