by Julie K. Trevelyan

Green River through Lodore CanyonGreen River Rafting In Lodore Canyon: Big Water, Big Fun. What does a bigger-than-average snowpack mean to you? Plenty of thrills whitewater rafting on Utah’s Green River through the stunning Lodore Canyon. Rip over rapids such as Upper and Lower Disaster, Hell’s Half Mile, and S.O.B. Relax on white sand beaches, enjoying the delicious meals prepared by Holiday’s guides. Fall asleep to the murmur of the water as it rolls past camp. And awaken to the welcoming call of “Hot coffee!” Best of all though, will be the hefty amount of water in the Green.


An endangered fish known as the Razorback Sucker is the official reason for the increased water releases from the Flaming Gorge Dam above the Green River. This ugly yet ecologically important fish has been an essential part of the Colorado River drainage system for a long time. According to the Bureau of Reclamation, “Scientists have detected the presence of larval razorback sucker in critical nursery habitat in the flood plains in the Green River. A major purpose of the experiment is to transport as many larval fish as possible into critical nursery habitats. It exists in the floodplains along the Green River downstream of the confluence of the Green and Yampa rivers. This nursery habitat connects to the river at flows at or above 18,600 CFS, which is the targeted flow this year with the above-average hydrology. The increased releases from the dam combined with the Yampa River flows will provide the maximum possible flow to transport the larval fish.”


So say hooray for the Razorback Sucker and sign up right now for your trip down the Green through beautiful Lodore Canyon.  Due to the large snowpack in the Wind Rivers Range, we will enjoy higher than average flows for the entire summer!  The whitewater awaits you.

Green River Rafting In Lodore Canyon: Big Water Big Fun

Julie TrevelyanWritten by Julie Trevelyan.

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