Follow our 7 part series on the Joys of Flat Water: Finding the fun when the river slows.

By Peta Owens-Liston


Imagination Creations!

“What floats, has a human form, and absolutely no personality?”

“I spy something that looks like an elephant…”

“I spy a face with a large nose…”

Time on the river together with our kids allowed us not only unrushed time to enjoy one another’s company but a natural place for us to use our imaginations as well. Re-telling and inventing new riddles (it’s a “shadow” by the way) as well as “I spying” animated rock formations kept us all soaking in the scenery and engaged with one another.  This kind of undistracted family time is quickly becoming a rarity in our home, as the activities of growing children and working parents crowds it out. The time on the river to play, brainstorm, chat and ask questions was precious time.

For Jess

“What do you call two Crows sitting in a tree?”    Anybody??