Follow our 7 part series on the Joys of Flat Water: Finding the fun when the river slows.

By Peta Owens-Liston



Inflatable Kayaks in Desolation

Kids, adults, grandparents, a parent and the youngest children found these blow-up kayaks, known as “duckies” as a fun and peaceful way to float down the river on your own. A few swift strokes allow you to slip through the flat water in order to skirt the shoreline. I paddled near the shore where a big horn sheep was drinking river water and not far behind it a baby sheep waited. Another time, I paddled over to the canyon walls, and ran my hand across rock whose stratifications could be traced back to the time of dinosaurs. I felt so young! Blue herons took flight not far from me, suspended above the water at my eye-level, for a few moments of synchronicity.

My boys felt confident and strong in these duckies as they navigated the river on their own through the flat water. When one of the younger kids tired, we simply tied the duckie up to the raft for a free ride. Be sure to request duckies if you are going to have flat water on your river trips and then make the most of having them along.


What kind of fun as flat-water river moments created on your river trips? Please share!