Follow our 7 part series on the Joys of Flat Water: Finding the fun when the river slows.

By Peta Owens-Liston



La-Z-Boy Chairs that Float (sans remote control)!

A truly experiential personal float boat. Few things will make you as present and relaxed as floating the Colorado River kicked back in your life-jacket; feet forward and head reclining on the head cushion providing a panoramic view of the scenery slipping by from a fish-eye’s point of view. For those of us who don’t have the patience or discipline to find a serene meditative state, this is a short cut. As the river cradles you, carrying you gently along in its current, there is silence. There are towering red cliffs, drifting clouds, and a generous blue sky. That’s it. Everything else ceases to matter. Floating on my back through Canyonlands National Park made me deeply aware of the moment and being a part of all the beauty that surrounded me.